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  1. Henery

    Ifor Williams 10 inch brake drum... any one got a spare ?

    I need a drum, 10 inch 5 stud , don’t need a hub and bearings as the new one is supplied. Anyone got one .... cash only 👍
  2. Henery

    Rappa hurdles

    Rappa not answering phone, anyone know current price of 5 foot standard height hurdles with a long pin please ?
  3. Henery

    IPad Air or Pro ?

    I’ve had an iPad for about 8 years which has been fantastic, use it a lot, poss way too much ! The battery is about stuffed so time for a new one. Is the iPad Pro (11inch) worth the hefty premium over the iPad Air ? Main use is web , you tube, email usual stuff. Wonder if I might use iPad pen ...
  4. Henery

    DB 780 selectamatic for sale anyone know of ?

    My wife has a DB 780 which was her dads, non runner part dismantled..... she wants us to get it going again.... many memories of her Dad. I think we need a runner to start with and try to make a goer out of them both using as much of the original as poss. Any one have one for sale or know of...
  5. Henery

    Antibiotic free meat ... worth a watch

    Food for thought.....We should be marketing beef and lamb as vastly reduced AB use compared with other more “affordable “ meat options. A lot of beef and lamb would already qualify. AHDB.... ? How about it ? .... oh yes , mustn’t rock the boat for Pork and chicken factories......
  6. Henery

    BT Internet Blues

    I have a year to go on a BT High speed ( not) broadband contract. We never get more than 15 meg and drops out regularly, several times a day. Multiple engineer visits have solved nothing other than to confirm the internal ( our ) equipment is not at fault. Anyone found a way to get out of the...
  7. Henery

    Telephone VAT fraud attempted

    Had a very convincing gent with a very thick estuarine accent on the phone. Claimed I owed two and a half grand in VAT, odd as I only ever reclaim VAT. He was very well rehearsed and quickly upped the ante to the point that he had enforcement officers with police support and a high court writ 34...
  8. Henery

    Bulk propane price

    Sorry if this is done to death, what is being paid for small load 1500 to 2000 litres ? West mids / marches , but any guide welcome. Thanks
  9. Henery

    Suzuki Quad hard starting

    it’s 400 of indeterminate age and mainly has Rappa fencer on it this time of year. It’s a devil to start, starter sounds slow and hesitant. Is this a common problem on old Suzuki quads? Is there a home fix or new starter ?
  10. Henery

    Doosan 360 track drive unit repair

    My trusty Solar75 has stopped moving, removed the offending track drive unit and we have an outer ring gear broken up. Spoke to Plant Parts in Suffolk who can repair it if possible, anyone dealt with them ? New track drive unit complete £1400 to £1700 . Probably makes sense to fix it as long as...
  11. Henery

    Wool price

    can anyone tell me the value of wool at the moment.... they are Romneys if that makes a difference? TIA.
  12. Henery

    Thistlex in a weed wiper

    any one recommend a dilution rate please ?
  13. Henery

    Rearing Calf Values

    havent bought any since last Nov, beef job looking sick, how’s it affecting calf price ? We have been rearing conti cross bull calves.
  14. Henery

    Mixing vecoxan with wormer.... any reason why not ?

    Got cocci issue in lambs that need a wormer as well, did first gang with two shots, be much quicker less faff if we mixed , at appropriate rates, the two ( White drench) Any reason not to ?
  15. Henery

    Just add sheep and sweat

    set up combi clamp to start tomorrow, new to us. Plan is to tail, castrate, click all, mark ewe lambs, ewes get dragged, wormed . 7 groups over 5miles, that combi clamp trailer isn’t going to last with us... what an arse. Hey ho, I’m really getting too old for this nonsense. Ploughman1963 might...
  16. Henery

    Ford Ranger 3.2 or wait for new 2 litre

    At the risk of starting a heated pickup debate..... time to update my 2012 Navara, really like the Ranger,bit gruff when pulling hard but good spec and very comfortable, not heard anything too bad bout them. Really like the Hilux but lack zip and the dealers don’t seem to give a stuff whether...
  17. Henery

    A new possibility in the pickup debate

    will we see this in the UK I wonder ?

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