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    Pipe bender

    Thinking on buying myself a hydraulic pipe bender manual kind nothing fancy just to do my own bits an pieces being looking at a clarke one just wonder if anyone has recomendations before i order one, wont be used all that often
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    Back problems

    Anyone any advice on back problem, having on going problem with discs in my back an im only 27 its getting to the point where im thinking that i may need a career change
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    Trailing shoe vs shallow disc injector on stubbles

    whats best to put slurry on stubbles been looking at the tined incorperators but perhaps trailing shoe might be as good, an its for a umbi setup
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    Incorporating slurry

    abit if thinking out loud after a conversation on how we spread slurry, see cultivators type things on the back of tankers but does anyone use that type of thing when spreading with an umbi on stubbles since it has to be incorparted within 24hrs or are people just using an injector?
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    Anyone went from a T8 to a T7hd

    As the title says currently have a t8.390 but its going soon an wonder if anyone has went to a HD, had one on demo a few times but never really with any of our own kit
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    Impact gun windy vs battery

    looking to get a half inch impact gun but can decide wether to go for a battery one or air. When i try weight up the pros and cons of each i get no further so looking for peoples opionion Before i spend a fortune an regret it
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    Are we finally going to see a new holland cab update

    I hope they hurry up an bring this to the uk on the t7 an t8 tractors, looks like its going to be a big step forward for nh, im a fan of the current sidewinder armrest but an update is long overdue an mybe they will finally update t7 cabs soon so there some storage space
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    Furrow width

    whats a good alround furrow width plough is currently at 20” far to wide just looking for abit of advice my ploughing all self taught an its quite a long job to close it up abit an really dont wanna have to do it to many times lol (its not vari width) kuhn 7f multi leader
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    Trailed sprayers

    farms going back to trailed since with the stupid price of sp machines, we went an looked at the top spec amazon trailed machine last wee. They are leaning towards amazon an kuhn (we get great support from the dealer that sells both) just wondered what people opionions are that may be using...

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