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    New,New Holland T7 cab ?

    The talk for awhile has been Once the new cabs been on the T8 for abit its going to fiter down though the rest, if there waiting until theres a some t8 about with it on theres a 10 month wait atm for a new one
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    McConnell Sr15

    One we have will cut anythjng you throw at it apart from the odd slip clutch needing replaced very rarely it never break down. One here gets a fairly rough life an its still going strong after 7 years with 230hp min on the front
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    Meijer limo hydra bale sledge

    i use a ritchie belted one behind my welgar in 40ft swaths of of straw it copes well just takes abit oftime to get the belt running just right but once itcan fairly fly on
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    New Holland Autocommand

    You will need t7.250 or t7.270 for hours that low
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    Back problems

    I spoke with someone that was in a simalar problems as have an they suggested going to the gym which in fairness i thought was a terrible idea but would try, got a few sessions why a very good trainer so not to do more harm an it helped an awful lot aslong as i dont spend to much time sat down...
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    Back problems

    Noo i did met the criteria for that which was grand ha
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    Michelin Tyre pressure training day

    You wouldnt want a trelleborg rep if there all like the one to came to look at an issue with tyres on my tractor a few years a right old c u next tuesday of bloke
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    What % of your winter wheat is sown?

    Oxfordshire 2000acres, roughly 60acres of wheat not drilled, an a 105acres of beans, an one 20acre field of wheat that might need re-done
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    new printer

    i started go think uts cheaper to buy a new printer on special offer than ink
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    Employee & mates

    Who the frig wants people for ride alongs constantly apart from the mrs the odd time iv never been part of that carry on couldnt think of anything worse than someone ruining my peace an quiet and been on the phone constantly ball ache that but mybe thats because im a tad anti social ha . Few...
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    john deere command pro

    Seems not have a button/somthing on screen to press to keep the pto engaged like most makes
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    Wireless trailer lights

    Have a connix set they are great although i made a chain thing to attach them on after i lost one an had to go looking for it
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    Richard western rear discharge

    Our one tends go chew everything in sight had a new gearbox this year after it chewed a drive gear on one side but it is well used, apart from it being very narrow when it comes to filling with the grab its a great spreader.
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    Double yellows on farm drive?

    had that issue where i am they put up no parking signs an someone came along an nicked them, it on the side of a main road an people use it as a layby right pain in the arse
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    JCB attachments - any good?

    We have a jcb grain bucket its really well made, someone told me once wether its right they were just a jcb sticker on them an made by someone else
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    NH T7.210 auto command.

    We had one on hire last spring was a great tractor Ended up being nicknamed the pocket rocket preffered it to the 250/260s that are in the yard
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    Plans for 2020?

    Go on a proper holiday for the first time years not just back home too see family, try keep up my much needed wieght loss fingers crossed an just see what next year throws my way.
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    Wireless trailer lights

    I use a connex set on the back of the plough an for emergencies find them brilliant, worked faultless over the year iv had them
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    Un cut linseed

    A think we are just lucky they havnt went mouldy yet, but unless it comes a frosty spell the only thing they will see is the topper the ground there own gonna take a hell of a drying out
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    Un cut linseed

    70acre pf soyabeans still standing if it would hurry up an come a decent spell of frost we will get hopfully

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