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    Cattle shed wintering costs

    Got a couple of sheds to rent out for winter, have silage and straw onsite. Couple of people have asked about them but not sure what to charge, thought a price per animal a week and a cost of the silage bales and straw that was used would be fairest but not sure. How do other people do it? Thanks
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    John deere 1950 24" front wheel rims

    Looking for 24" John deere 4wd front rims for a 1950
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    Tupped ewe lambs

    Went to see a group of 25 ewe lambs today, that are away on winter grazing and found a neighbour's tup in amongst them. Went to see the owner of the tup who said it's been in 3/4 times with them over the last couple of months, but couldn't see a problem as there only ewe lambs!!, aparently he...
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    Sheep Handling system

    Wanted sheep handling system, either static or mobile. Preferably Scotland but willing to travel for a good system.
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    Teaser Tup

    Would a teaser ram be of any benefit, when sponging ewes?
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    Lynx front pto problem

    Went to put the front mower on to day to check it over before we start cutting in a few weeks, and the front pto is giving bother. It starts the mower and runs it up for 30 seconds then slows down and stops. Its not showing the speed of the pto in the cab. Says on the screen to low a speed and...
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    Bale spike unroller

    Hi does anyone use a bale spike unroller? IM thinking of getting one on the forklift for feeding silage in our feed passages, to cut down on the hand work and was wondering if anyone uses them and are they any good for silage or do they just work with straw? Thanks
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    Inverter mig welder

    Does anyone use an inverter mig welder? And any recommendations of a good one to buy? Thanks
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    Wanted sheep molasses/treacle feeders

    Wanted sheep molasses feeders, in the Cumbria area
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    Scratching ewes for orf

    When should you scratch pregnant ewes for orf before lambing?
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    Stockman/ tractorman looking for work North west england.

    Hi, looking for work in north west England (Kendal area preferably), I'm a reliable and tidy worker who takes pride in there work, im not afraid to get my hands dirty. Experienced with sheep and suckler cows, good workshop skills and mig welder. Also experienced tractor driver used to driving...

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