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    Working Sheepdog

    Gwen is now sold.
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    Working Sheepdog

    Due to a carear change I need to sell Gwen. She is a 4 year old, half Kelpie, quarter Huntaway, quarter Welsh Collie. She has a good out run on the hill, works well in-bye and is happy riding the quad. I have tried to show her at work in the below videos, I'm sorry any the poor qualtiy of the...
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    Tagging lambs at birth outside

    I just put in an order to nz and got bounced back to quick tag in northern Ireland. Most common colours of one pice tags are stocked over here now. Not that any of this is on their website.
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    Ewe mature weight

    I would assume so but that will be the same for the NZ national average. High country merinos don't produce many lambs.
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    Ewe mature weight

    Page 7 of the below report. Uk average rearing % has been over 120% once in 2013. We have been hover between 115 & 120 for the last 10 years.
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    Ritchie draft pro

    It might be worth having a look through the system and set up menus to see if something like the weigh mode is set to off.
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    I'm afraid so. Could you put the heifers in a shed where they can't get nose to nose contact with any other stock? If you can it could be worth applying for an authorisation for separation.
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    No that isn't a problem.
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    The ewes triggering a standstill only stops you moving stock off your holding. You can keep bringing stock on.
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    Trace element drench

    What minerals are you short of with this flock?
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    Ewe lambs from ewe lambs

    I think it was @Global ovine had found that ewe lambs reared by hogs under performed compared to their full sisters reared by ewes.
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    Ewe and Lamb worming help please

    The FEC EBV's are calculated differently for different breed. Blackies and Texels definitely have a strong inverse correlation with growth so without actual FEC data it is just another growth EBV:banghead:.
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    Ram breeders

    As Neilo says your ewes will have the biggest effect on worm burden on your pastures. If all goes well you high resistance lambs should be slaughters just as their resistance to worms starts to show it's self giving you almost no benefit. The best thing you could do is get a deal with someone to...
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    High Protein Silage - Would this work?

    I've seen soya put on the swath before baling. It looked like soya in the silage when the bales were being fed in march and the guy doing it has done it again. Not sure how much they were putting in each bale.
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    Mains energiser earth questions?

    Why run your earth wire at the top of the fence with insulators and using insulated cable between the earth rods? You are trying to get as much contact with the ground as possible. I would run a plain wire on the ground from your energiser to your earth rods, it will soon grow in and be a big...
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    Idiots guide to

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    Rushes and Bracken

    You get a better kill weed wiping bracken when it is full open but you will halve the thickness of the stand if you weed wipe it when the fronds are just coming up. It can be a very useful tactic for area with rocks or tree stumps that you need to be able to see or for steep area that you just...
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    understanding Ebvs

    For the ones with the No entry sigh on them, there isn't enough data in the system for it to have valid ebv's. For the rest of them on the bar graph 100 is the breed average so the coloured bars show you roughly how far from breed average he is in either direction. He is just above breed...
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    any reccomendations for a plate meter + software

    My one sounds the same spec as the F75. There is a tally counter on top of the handle that you click every time you put the plate meter down. I tried using excel when I first started and found it hard work but I'm not very good with excel. With 30 paddocks, at least 5 mobs and lambs changing...
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    Easycare or Exlana

    Both are white faced, wool shedding, composites (Easycares might claim to be pure but they are not and all the better for it), with numerous breeds in their back ground. Exlanas are all performance recorded, 5 flocks of Easycares are performance recorded. Exlanas are currently only bred in the...

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