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    Maize spray costings

    Interested to hear other people's costings
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    Watch you dont rip your buttocks to shreds out there
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    why cant we stand together??? Shocking waste of a hard earned product..not a dairy farmer myself but can't understand why this is allowed to happen in this day and age,surely its time to say enough is enough?
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    Dismantling a grainstore

    Just wondering if anyone has any contacts in the cheshire area,want to remove my grain bins etc to use building for something else,either someone who wants the bins or who could remove it all at a reasonable cost
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    Mains toilet

    18 months old,surplus to requirements, off our caravan site,light and sensor included,Cheshire nr j18 m6 £500
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    Drills: Other -

    Drills: Other - Category: Drills Manufacturer: Other Price: £700 Condition: Used Description: Fiona seed drill,just sown 100 acres,3m,electric tramlining with marker,v good condition Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here...
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    Great crested newt surveys

    I am just trying to get planning permission for 7 extra caravan pitches after already having a caravan club certified location(5),the councils ecologist has said we are going to need to do a newt survey because there is a pit next to the proposed pitches,this has slowed the whole process to a...
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    fiona seed drill parts

    Having gone bust in 2013 i am struggling to find new coulter parts for my fiona seed drill sd-977,anyone any ideas??
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    simmental bull

    15 months old simmental bull,from a small herd,tb tested,cheshire £1800 ono
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    Young pedigree simmental bull

    born 26/10/14, sire popes laird,dam Welltrough dashika, tb tested,ready to work,located between chelford and holmes chapel 07734605965 £2000 ono
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    16 mth old simmental bull

    sire popes laird,16 mth old,tb tested,off a small herd,keen and ready to work,near chelford £2000
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    Simmental Bull for sale

    born Oct 2012,tb tested,his calves can be seen,farm between holmes chapel and Chelford,genuine reason for selling £2500
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    Microgranule fertiliser for maize,yes or no?

    My agronomist is suggesting I use Microgranule fertiliser down the spout when drilling maize as opposed to dap.local contractor has the kit to apply it but said he doesn't get many requests for it,is it Not all its made out to be?
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    Vat on diversification

    Im Just developing a small caravan certified location on the farm,nearly all set up now,have bought everything through the farm and claimed the vat back,i am going to have to charge vat on top of pitch fee per night(£15)which is obviously going to substantially cut the amount raised through the...
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    Late maize this year

    Keep looking at our maize,have one field where the cobs are no where near yellow in colour yet,grains not even started filling out,how are others getting on?
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    Round bale wheat straw

    120 round bale wheat straw,Barn stored,baled dry,4ft mchale bales,located near Holmes chapel and chelford,£9/bale collected,07734605965
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    Using two agronomists from different companys

    Thinking of trying a different agronomist,been with existing one for years and think its time to shake things up a bit,I have one who keeps calling at the farm,young and v keen,and has cheaper spray recommendations also works for a much bigger company so thinking of giving him a try,thinking of...
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    We don't help ourselves!

    Evidence that 2015 is set to be a strong year for winter barley keeps coming, as Nottinghamshire foreman for J.S. Peake & Sons, Alastair Baseley, has seen yields peak at 11.8t/ha so far this harvest. Check out Farmers Weekly's Harvest Live 2015 page for more regular updates. High yielding...
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    Stop mithering me!!!

    When I want to order some parts I will phone you up,and why don't you offer discounts when I do!01522 calls will not be answered,rant over
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    getting your own back

    just having a bit of trouble with landlady of our old house,cut a long story short,we deep cleaned the house in and out before we left 3 weeks ago,keep enquiring as to when are we going to get our deposit back and getting no answer,so decided to ring yesterday to see whats going on,was told we...

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