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  1. S1lver

    NatWest discusses: rising food prices...

    Rise the prices of the quality food, the garbage remains cheap. People should accept that and not be against it. How many people are involved in the agriculture vs how many were involved 100 years ago? There's a big difference. As my grandmother sais: "They all want to eat but no one wants to...
  2. S1lver

    Farm building to rent

    Probably you don't know how easy and fast it is to build your own farm. The hardest step is to get starting and contact the company that will build the shelters. I did it with Bison Construction, they did my shelter in two days. In two days, on a piece of land where was nothing, they built me a...
  3. S1lver

    British woman trying to save chickens in Morocco

    I can understand her, life it's cruel, all the more for animals. I love animals, I feel mercy for them, but when you do it for feeding your family - forgives them all. But I'm talking about violence (killing is also violence), not trading them. They were traded from the beginning of history...
  4. S1lver

    Growing the sun flower

    Thank you, that's the answer I needed:)
  5. S1lver

    Grain Market Trading - Learn to Trade - Stamford, Lincolnshire

    If you have some experience with Forex trading, learning CFD trading won't be that difficult. They are not the same, as you probably know, but are similar. With Forex you trade the actual well, while with CFD you speculate on the price. I guess the basics of CFDs can be learned online. I've...
  6. S1lver

    Growing the sun flower

    They say that the soil is no longer as fertile after several consecutive years of growing sunflower (and I'm not sure if it's only about sunflower or all the agricultural plants ), so I'm asking you, is that true? Do I need to plant something else after 2-3 years of sunflower?
  7. S1lver

    Growing the sun flower

    Hi! I want to plant 40 hectares of sunflower. I heard from someone that you cannot grow sunflower a few years in a row and you have to switch to another plant for the land where you planted the sunflower. Is that true? If yes, why?

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