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    Working Sheepdog

    Due to a carear change I need to sell Gwen. She is a 4 year old, half Kelpie, quarter Huntaway, quarter Welsh Collie. She has a good out run on the hill, works well in-bye and is happy riding the quad. I have tried to show her at work in the below videos, I'm sorry any the poor qualtiy of the...
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    Wanted Huntaway Pup

    Does anyone know of any pure or at least 3/4 Huntaway pups available or due? Cheers Tom
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    Hereford Herd Books

    I have a set of Hereford herd books for sale, from 1950 to 1981. In good condition.
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    Recorded easycare tups

    Performance recorded easycare tups for sale. Bred from a flock of 800 recorded ewes with performance records going back to 1986. The flock is run under commercial conditions and heavily culled on functionality traits. If you want more information or a chat about our breeding aims send us an...

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