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  1. Rust

    A odd ford 6600

    Fella working on a odd 6600 in my shed. Anyone know why the extra brakes and cab ?
  2. Rust

    Happy Christmas

    Enjoying everyone Working or not [emoji16]
  3. Rust

    Drill Eradicators

    I think tined erradicators would be better on my KV tineseeder instead of the wide blade in current conditions. Would need to be sprung I think because of some large flints about. Found something I like the look of on Google but not sure what they are. Simba toptith ?? Or skh crumbler??
  4. Rust

    Massey 30 or 130

    Wanted for spares. Especially rollers etc and tubes
  5. Rust

    End of the world is nigh... Just seen this. Reported by the same clowns that scared the life out of everyone about the millennium bug and no deal brexit. Bet the teacher's are planning a day in the pub already. One forecast I've seen...
  6. Rust

    Drill air pressure sensor

    Has anyone fitted a pressure sensor on their air drill ? It appears the pto has been left off on 2 small occasions. KV Tineseeder very basic tramline box
  7. Rust

    Roundup and bees ?

    Glyphosate weed killers could be harming bees, warn scientists Sent via @updayUK
  8. Rust

    Two minutes well spent ? Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence
  9. Rust

    Name that weed

  10. Rust

    Five pubs to vist in........

    Off to Manchester tomorrow, so what 5 pubs are worth a vist ?
  11. Rust

    Any driver van insurance

    Who are folk using ? Must be other options than NFU
  12. Rust

    Feed mixer

    Lateral mixer required to mix up a bit of pig feed. Alvan blanch sorta thing [emoji16]
  13. Rust

    Ford 7000 wings

    My 7000 is in need of some new wings Are there different makes available? And which are the best ? Some big price conference's on ebay so would imagine some are rubbish.
  14. Rust

    Vegan January?

    Doing it for the animals [emoji16] Spotted the poster on the ginger line yesterday.
  15. Rust


    WHY do they always plough better left than right ??[emoji52][emoji52]
  16. Rust

    Name that plant

    Got a odd weed growing, any ideas ?? .
  17. Rust

    MF side lights

    MF 6495 side light won't come on. Headlights and main beam are fine. But no side lights = No work lights. Any ideas ?
  18. Rust

    Overum plough

    Any one know what grade of shear bolts a overum plough uses. Or mf715 , knogskilde HRT Spalding book says M16 x 80 8.8 But there all 10.9 in the plough. Ta
  19. Rust

    Jd 2650 steering

    A dodgy local livestock friend has a jd2650 with steering troubles. The steering judders and stops working. Not really working at all he now says. Everything else is working fine. Any ideas ??
  20. Rust

    6400 closed circuit breather

    What's involved in cleaning this ?

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