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  1. Lazy Sod

    Wasp Nest

    I have a stable block consisting of 3 stables and I keep my ride on mower in one of them. We only use the stables for storage. I went to get the mower out this morning and as soon as I opened the top half of the door, I was in a cloud of wasps so I left quickly, leaving the door open. I know...
  2. Lazy Sod


    I thought that woke meant snowflake.
  3. Lazy Sod

    Kevs diary

    Looks like a job for Boris. He keeps mentioning wack a mole.
  4. Lazy Sod

    Legally removing a hedge.

    Blackthorn Matters!
  5. Lazy Sod

    Football grounds you have been to

    No, not cricket either. I was only interested in motor sports. Principly, motor cycle ones. I learnt mechanical skills at an early age on the farm, mending my bicycle and motor bike etc. In my teens I was a motorcross rider for a while, and then after while I learnt to fly.
  6. Lazy Sod

    Football grounds you have been to

    I've never been to any sort of football match, excluding when I was at school and watching my children play when they were at school. I have no interest whatsoever.
  7. Lazy Sod

    Looking for advice

    I had a cowman who would pick up both ends of a broken live electric fence and rejoin them. You could see his hands jump with every pulse, but it didn't bother him. It was easier than walking back to the fencer to turn it off.
  8. Lazy Sod

    Jury service

    I know someone who is bipolar. When called for jury service, he told them of his condition and was excused for life.
  9. Lazy Sod

    New shipping container for bagged feeds - keeping from rats gnawing floor.. ideas?

    Stand it on a concrete slab or yard, if it isn't already, and fill it in securely around the sides and ends.
  10. Lazy Sod

    How do you listen to music

    For me music was always a background thing, audible wallpaper. I hardly ever listen to any these days. It has to be a speech radio station in the car or the tractor. Mrs. LS can just sit, close her eyes and be lost in music. I need something to think about. That's why I couldn't do meditation.
  11. Lazy Sod

    Farm safety

    You'll need a new user name.@holwellcourtfarm
  12. Lazy Sod

    Farm safety

  13. Lazy Sod

    Farm safety

    It failed to quote.
  14. Lazy Sod

    Ah yes, I remember it well!

    Father had a 1943 Fordson Standard It had rear hydraulics and a vario gearbox Ah yes, I remember it well.
  15. Lazy Sod

    Well it’s started

    It's because they're handling meat, the filthy dirty stuff that couldn't possibly have been eaten by our ancestors for hundreds of thousands years.
  16. Lazy Sod

    white lives matter

    Or if there was a White Police Association.
  17. Lazy Sod

    Kevs diary

    Isn't the chamber too high, surely you want it flush with the surface, or is there more soil to go down?
  18. Lazy Sod

    Guns on farms

    It's no wonder that you don't put your location up.
  19. Lazy Sod

    Farm cottage tenant.

    Never heard of him. I don't watch american films or tv programs, with the exception of documentrys. I find american humour facile.
  20. Lazy Sod

    Farm cottage tenant.

    Not Funny, it's American.

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