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  1. Katarina

    Looking for a second hand 2.5 m carre priaral

    Seeing if anyone on here knows of a second hand 2.5 m carre priaral thats for sale. Thanks.
  2. Katarina


    Happy Easter to each and every one of you at this difficult time. If there was ever a period of time for Agriculture to unite and show the public the acts of support and kindness we offer to our community then this is one of them. We don't need to blow our own trumpets, just balance the scales...
  3. Katarina

    Tell the supermarkets what we think

    With Asda , Sainsburys and Tesco importing poor standard meat produce from other countries , isnt it time we start voicing our discontent by by shaming them with written messages on big bales and messages at roadsides and telling the public what we who really are the people who feed our nation...
  4. Katarina

    L200 Tyre Recommendations

    Replacing L200 tyres and looking for road tyre recommendations. Not interested in image looking for hard wearing. Thank you.
  5. Katarina

    BBC Panorama

    What a load of bias cobblers once again the BBC broadcast on the Panorama programme tonight. One positive was seeing the vegan cheese being thrown in the bin as it was more than likely disgustingly inedible. Why do we pay our TV licences to subsidize such utter bias crap and drool that the...
  6. Katarina

    Texel society fees

    Am I the only one who's finding the charges the texel society pass on to breeders is excessive ? Birth notification fees, Registration fees, transfer fees and so on.
  7. Katarina

    WANTED Portable milking machine for cows

    Apologies if I'm listing in the wrong place. Looking for a secondhand portable milking machine, only need a single bucket but double fine at the right price. Live Mid Wales so Shrops etc ideal, don't want to travel too far. Thanks.
  8. Katarina

    Texel x Suffolk Rams

    Seven Texel x Suffolk yearling rams. Big, solid, shapely tups. Homebred, exceptionally tight coats, not pushed. Dipped August, in Heptavac P Plus system. Near Machynlleth Mid Wales.
  9. Katarina

    Severe allergic reaction in lambs

    Brought Texel ewe lambs in for heptavacing Tuesday afternoon and found 2 lambs out of about 300 with swollen heads, barely able to see. Apart from the swollen head and obvious discomfort they came down okay. Vet suggested a sting or something they'd eaten, gave steroids directly into vein and...
  10. Katarina

    Twelve MV Accredited Texel x Suffolk Two Year Old Ewes

    2 year old framey ewes, would make excellent ET recipients. All lambed beltex x and reared this year no problems, only for sale due to decreasing stocking levels. Based Mid Wales. Also have yearling texel ewes and Texel x Suffolk yearlings for sale. Offers in region of £150 per head.
  11. Katarina

    Lodge Hamlet 16 month Limousin Bull Excellent Length and Shape

    OIRO £2850 (Not Pedigree Registered)
  12. Katarina

    11 Welsh Hill Speckled Breeding Gimmers

    11 Home-bred smart Hardy Speckled face yearling ewes. Good teeth, tight coats. Genuine sheep. Dipped 6th August. £95.00 a head. Farm assured.
  13. Katarina

    Best place to buy glass milk bottles?

    Hi, Does anyone know the best place to buy 1 pint and/or 1 litre glass bottles, plus lids, suitable for milk? What sort of price range are they? Thanks.
  14. Katarina

    Overrun with Badgers

    Chicken house this morning, roof ripped off, dead hens and prints on the roof that look like badgers? We are becoming overrun with badger sets, they are even undermining stone walls that have stood for centuries. Food is obviously becoming scarce for the increasing population and it's...
  15. Katarina

    Newton Rigg College.

    Who can I ask to talk to at Newton Rigg College that would help in seeing if a student from the hill farming course would like to come down to mid Wales for a lambing placement. I phoned the college in January of this year to look at the possibility of taking a student on and spoke to the...
  16. Katarina

    Potential bovine TB breakthrough
  17. Katarina

    Autumn Hardy Ram Sale Rhayader or Builth??

    We normally sell at Rhayader through Brightwells but Welshpool Livestock Sales have recently taken over the market there and I've just noticed have set their date for Wednesday 16th October, the day before Brightwells sale in Builth. What to do??
  18. Katarina

    Ewe Embryo Transfers

    Planning on flushing a few Texels and wondered what advice/experience people had on preparing the donors and recipients as friends have had very mixed success?
  19. Katarina

    Wanted: Hens teeth or preferably Jersey Heifer Calf

    Starting a small dairy enterprise and looking for one Jersey heifer calf (I know this won't be funding the next trip to the Maldives but a day trip to Skeggy might be have no time to go on hoiday anyway right?), and having a bit of a job finding one. Doesn't have to be a show...
  20. Katarina

    Jersey Cow/Dairy Shorthorn

    Having relief milked Holsteins I've now decided I need a house cow so going for Jersey. We currently farm pedigree beef so a bit unsure as to what to feed and when. Also when it comes to putting her in calf what do you think of crossing her with something like a dairy shorthorn, to get the...

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