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    Best Battery Electric Fence Unit

    To all you folk that are successfully fencing sheep with electric fences, what's the best unit to buy?
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    Is Larry getting his Comeuppance

    Heard this morning that ABP Perth struggling to get cattle as farmers reluctant to supply them. Seemingly phoning around a lot of the big guys offering silly money but it's not working. Any of their suppliers wish to comment?
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    Atcost Shed concrete gutter

    Anyone know where I could get a 15ft concrete gutter for an old Atcost shed. Shed will be 50 year old and went out of production over 30 years ago. I'm thinking my only hope would be someone involved in demolition.replacement of buildings.TIA
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    How long to keep invoices,etc.

    Having a tidy up in the office. Legally how long due you have to keep invoices,bank statements,etc. Got them all going back 15 years here and could really do with the space.
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    Scottish Region 1 Entitlements

    Anyone know what value there is in Scottish Region 1 entitlements at the moment? I may have some to sell.
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    Cubicle Mats

    Posted in livestock section to no avail. Anyone know a company producing cubicle mats near 8ft long?
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    Cubicle mats

    Sorry maybe should be in dairy section. Anyone know of a company selling cubicle mats at 8 foot long? Width not important. TIA
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    Foreign livestock truck in yard last night

    About 9.30 last night farm dogs started barking. Had a look outside and could hear a loud diesel engined vehicle driving up the back yard. Came back in to get my boots on and my daughter says she saw someone walking past the workshop and quad bike shed. By the time I got back out the driver had...
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    Small 4WD combine

    Are there any manufacturers still making a smaller 4WD combine these days? 14' header would be ideal for most of the field sizes in this predominately livestock area. Feel there must be an opportunity for a contractor to go against the norm of ever bigger and heavier machines and actually have a...
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    Sloping Floor Gradient

    Busy ripping out old cubicles and tie stalls from an old dairy byre with intention of putting in sloping floors. We are quite lucky in that we already have a slatted tank up the centre passage and aiming to slope floors towards the central tank on both sides. I'm thinking that within reason the...
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    Dipping ewes with tup

    Dipping this week and was hoping to do every sheep on farm as have had some stray sheep visit which were looking a bit itchy. I have 35 pedigree ewes been with tup since mid July with some repeats not past 17 days. Is it too risky to dip these? Could inject with Dectomax but would much prefer to...
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    MTD authorisation problem

    Where do I get login code and password to authorise my new compliant program to get my VAT return to HMRC. Have tried government gateway code and password but keep getting error 403 which I am told could be wrong codes being used. I have had email from HMRC confirming I have signed up to use...
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    Maxammon treated whole oats

    Anyone tried treating whole oats with maxammon or similar for sheep feed? Does it work with whole grain and what would the protein feed value be?
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    Sheep Carding Brushes

    Anyone know where to get replacement rolls of carding pins to upgrade worn out carding brushes? TIA
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    Powdered Colostrum and Clostridial Immunity

    Lost a cracking Charollais tup lamb last Friday. Thriving lamb at 50kg having been born early December and outside since 2 weeks of age. Perfectly healthy at 9.00am, stone dead at 6.00pm. Ewes on Heptavav P system and lambs had initial injection 2 weeks ago at 10 weeks of age. Suspected pulpy...
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    Slurry on Winter Barley

    Got contractor coming Monday with umbilical to do some grazing ground.Really tempted to put some on 15 acres of winter barley. Any advice? TIA
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    Cow done Splits

    Have a feeding cow who was mad bulling yesterday, down this morning with the splits. Basically lying flat on her belly with back legs splayed out each side. Have lifted her out onto a dry straw bed and tied her back legs together at ankles and given metacam. Don't think I've seen a case of the...
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    Manitou 629 warning light

    Two year old Manitou 629 was serviced by dealer on Tuesday. This morning a red warning light which looks like a circle with a flat top(engine?) with a horizontal dotted line through it and a triangular symbol on the lleft of it has come on. The symbol is second to the right on the bottom of the...
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    Eta Pellet Boiler Error Code

    Anyone on here able to help? Have an ETA 20 - 26 kW TWIN pellet boiler which is showing error GRATE DRIVE BLOCKED with possible options of :- Ash box full Heat exchanger cleaner stuck...
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    Mains electric fence energizer problem

    I have a Rutland (model ESM4400) mains electric fence unit about 10 year old, never missed a beat till now although it is switched off in the winter months. Working perfect this spring until the other day when I noticed the fence was dead.The power light is showing on the box but none of the...

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