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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Offered UKAN @ £197 DAP @ £310 Anyone better for DAP?
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    Air Diffuser's

    On a Cayena drill would the fitted air diffuser's make a seed blockage monitoring system defunct? Its a rare event to get a blockage but most happen at the coulter from soil plugging. The seeds will blow out the vent won't they?
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    Amazone cayena Drill

    @Flatout . Have you improved the gappy seed rows? How do you rate the drill now?
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    Paint blistering galvanized corrugated tin roof

    Bedec Farm paint is good and long lasting on the galvanised surfaces but not good enough where rust is showing in my experience. Rusty bits need treating first
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    OSR crops looking shorter than normal on the Cotswolds?

    When a youngster I had the job of cultivating bad couch areas throughout the summer to pull it to the surface to dry out. Creeping Thistle was another big problem, I realise there are other Chemicals other than glyphosate for its control today. Remember the combine drivers covered in white fluff...
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    Aphids come out the wood?
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    Liquid N

    I'll ask a couple of suppliers if bulk urea is feasible. Maybe some facility's / ports would struggle which may effect the price. Ought to be at least £10 / t cheaper. Single use plastic under pressure as well. Those that home brew liquid N must have it in bulk?
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    Liquid N

    Going off track a bit here...but does anyone use bulk AN/urea? No bags to dispose of but a good high, dry secure store needed.
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    Is there still a grant available on direct drills?

    What % did the grant pay for? Thought the max was £9-10k. Maybe 25% of a 3m drill but a top spec 6m would be 10%
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    Fuel price tracker

    Gasoil 41.5p/L for 4000L
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    Rolling Winter Wheat

    Rolled a few acres of the February drilled bits to see if it makes a difference. Where pre ems went on in the autumn could rolling now wake some Blackgrass?
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    Winter Wheat Planting

    You and your team have done well to get drilled up. I doubt we had half that and not quite done here
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    Saw a lot of these ,smaller, 2WD bakkies in Africa. Do you think they would sell here. Similar to the old Caddy/Skoda Perhaps some one could put a picture up:unsure:
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    Getting concerned

    We tell our mobile dresser that we will pay BSPB directly. They still inform them of the varieties and tonnage even though the royalties have not been collected. This gives you the flexibility to vary the seed rates and still pay the correct area payments or not at all if not sown. You will hang...
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    Weaving tine drill

    Couple of the hydraulic rams are damp. No drips I can see. Is there a valve or something to adjust? Not really had a good look but thought someone might point me in the right direction as the manual is short on info
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    Weaving tine drill

    Just started using a Weaving Tine drill for the first time and its doing a passable job But the pre-em markers slowly drop on all runs . Works fine for tramlining One double spool operates bout markers and the pre-em marker. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
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    Historical photos from North Norfolk

    Great films. I can just remember watching beet hoeing by hand. The only job done as 'peace work', paid by the chain. Were bean crops harvested the same way as cereals, through the binder and stooked up ect ? Thanks for sharing @sjt01
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    Pics of new John deeres

    Are there different front brake rules as the speed increases over 40kph? Could help keep the cost down without.
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    Old drill out new in

    And no system disc. You are left with the best bit the seed coulters with there following press wheels. Can I ask what sort of percent discount over the full Rapid? If you needed 50hp per metre with the old drill what would the new one require? I like your thinking.
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    Flea Beetle 2019

    My Grandfather had to farm with Couch and Creeping thistle trying to take over the farm. These perennials will return without herbicides. Deep cultivation through out the summer was the answer.

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