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  1. Christoph1945

    When did it happen?

    At what point of time, in history, did farming become an industry and is it a good thing, or not? Something of a silly townie question I suppose but I had never thought of farming as being an 'industry'!
  2. Christoph1945

    Farming photography

    I have been having a look at some of the photographs posted in the annual TFF calendar competition and have been highly impressed by some of the submissions. Moved by a mixture of both subjective and objective values, I have been wondering what photographic equipment you folk are using around...
  3. Christoph1945

    A slip of the tongue!

    The recent, reported, statement by the Duke of Edinburg that farming was far too important to be left to farmers produced something of a minor backlash in her but I have been wondering if the grand old 'Duke of Edinburg' and ten thousand others are dreaming of corporate land ownership. Perhaps...
  4. Christoph1945

    Any ideas what this is?

    Clearing up an overgrown passageway, I came across this little guy hiding under a bramble bush. Any ideas what he/she is?
  5. Christoph1945

    A case of mistaken identity!

    1 A couple of winters ago, whilst metal detecting on a North Wales hill farm, with the land owners permission; several of us worked to keep warm and tried to shake off the chilling wind that swept across the land. Climbing carefully over a stile and into the next field, where a...

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