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  1. firther

    Off colour lamb

    I've got a lamb with a droopy ear and keeps shaking it's head. It's about 10 days old. I've given a shot of betamox. As anyone any suggestions of what it could be?
  2. firther

    vet bills

    We just had a letter off the vets saying we need a farm visit every 6 months to prescribe medicines, is this the norm now, they were last here in only april so obviously can't order any in till we have a visit. we all ready pay 60 quid for a bottle of betamox la, but luckily don't need much...
  3. firther

    injured tup

    1 of me tups got injured fighting at week end, he were ok for a day but went off his back legs every so often. presuming it were a spinal injury. I treated him with betamox la and tonight he does seem back to normal. Question is after betamox injection, how soon will he be able to go back in...
  4. firther

    texel x cheviot tup

    I crossed some cheviot ewes with a texel tup and I left a couple of lambs entire, just to see what happens. There grass reared only and weighing 50plus kilos each(born early april) Now i'm wondering whether to try 1 on a few ewes to see what they throw. As anyone ever had any good results with...
  5. firther

    store sheep

    just wondering what exactly is a store sheep? I know store lambs and gimmer lambs, shearlings etc. Should really know this but not quite sure on meaning of store sheep.

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