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  1. agricrop

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: Other - Pea header

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: Other - Pea header Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: Other Price: Price on application Condition: Used Description: Sund 14 foot pea header. Great for harvesting flat peas. Owned since new, imported from France. Adapter plate to...
  2. agricrop

    Sun Solar Energy Ltd Solar Panels

    Has anyone on here got the panels above? I believe they are a new uk based company manufacturing Solar Panels. If so and you have had finance on these could you possibly tell me who with? Pm me if you wish. Currently struggling with the fact they are not a long established company. They look...
  3. agricrop

    100+ Tonnes Saxon potatoes

    I've got 100+ tonnes of good quality Saxon potatoes boxed stored in cold storage. Can bag in 25kg bags as required.
  4. agricrop

    Anyone using battery back up stystems with solar?

    Hello As a result of high quote to upgrade my transformer for anything over 11kw I have been looking at ways to get around upgrading my transformer. I have stumbled across a company which can install a 50kw-100kw roof mounted solar system and only export 11kw to the grid using special inverters...
  5. agricrop

    Solar Farming - Am I too quick to dismiss?

    Hello, today I have been approached by a company wanting an area my land plus land of neighbouring farms to install a solar farm. From what I gather I'm among the 8% of land in my area suitable for solar farming. Figures from £500, £750 per acre rental seem to have been suggested today. To...
  6. agricrop

    Permanent magnet motor problems

    Hello I have an old permanent magnet motor on my potato hopper. It is just about running as half of the magnets have disintegrated. After removing the broken magnets I got it going. So does anyone know anything about these motors? Can you buy new magnets and glue them in? Would replacing with a...
  7. agricrop

    Tic Beans

    I'm looking for an Artic load of Tic Beans. They must be good quality, dry with minimal split and cracked beans. Thanks

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