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  1. polk_farmer

    Priority Habitat

    Has anyone managed to successfully get Priority Habitat restrictions lifted, if the field/fields in question aren't a priority habitat (ie lowland species rich meadow that aren't species rich) Also how do I find out when said field became a "Priority Habitat"? Thanks
  2. polk_farmer

    Prattley Weigher

    Has anybody put panel reader on a prattley manual weigh crate, and if so would they be kind enough to put up any pictures?TIA
  3. polk_farmer

    Cryptorchid lambs

    Following on from the creep feeding thread and the mention of crypto lambs (balls pushed up into body and ring underneath). Does anyone do it in this country? I know the kiwis like it. Not heard of anyone doing it, but seems like quite a few plus points to it. We keep a fair load entire but do...
  4. polk_farmer

    Higher tier capital claim

    Right basically I am ready to make my final capital claim. Only trouble is that back in July 17 I made a fencing claim for FG2 and FG5. I ticked final claim as I had finished the field. But the field number was the same as the one which I have now finished. Because i clicked final claim on FG5...
  5. polk_farmer

    Getting hinge joint fencing straight

    Doing some fencing at the moment, normally use Hampton HNHT wire? (Single vertical wire) which stands up quite well when strained up. But got some hinge joint wire at present. Our fields don't normally have many straight edges so when tightened up before intermediates go in there's normally good...
  6. polk_farmer

    Maincrop Turnips

    Having a think about feeding the ewes this winter. Past few years been growing Swedes which is great nutrition wise for the ewes. Only trouble is it ties up the land for quite a time, we want to put something in after weaning really, as we normally spray off now for swedes, but cant really...
  7. polk_farmer

    Nematadoris appearance

    I was thinking in my great wisdom last night...How does the cycle start? Apparently nemo is a lamb to lamb worm, they hatch, lambs eat them, sh!t them out, the eggs overwinter and the cycle continues the following year. Nothing to do with the ewes. Now our farm has had sheep for 5 years...
  8. polk_farmer

    Fodder beet Vs Swedes

    Thinking ahead about how to keep the ewes out of mischief next winter. We grew 10 acres of swedes (I'll call them turnips from now on, their proper name.) Pleased with the nutritional values of them setting up before lambing, apart from possible iodine deficient lambs, awaiting test results. But...
  9. polk_farmer

    Cloudy eyed ewes

    Brought the ewes in to sort through yesterday and noticed a few with cloudy eyes. Is there a certain type of TE that they are lacking? Going to get bloods done, but wanted to hear some views on here
  10. polk_farmer

    Swede questions

    Right, finally found someone to precision drill the swedes next week, and a couple of questions. Firstly spacings, 6 or 8 inch? Also how much fert? Our agronomist order it and it seemed like quite a lot, we will be putting on dung before hand. And finally, if it all goes t*ts up I'll blame...
  11. polk_farmer


    Could anybody please put up a link to an old thread of a list of stuff needed for a DIY FECPAK, as I cannot find it anywhere. Or alternatively put up a list. Iv got McMaster slides on order from Canada so far, but can't remember the spec of microscope, etc. Thanks
  12. polk_farmer

    Lleyn Draft Ewes

    Does anybody on here sell draft lleyns? I'm guessing best bet would be Wales, but if not Southern England Thanks
  13. polk_farmer

    Alternative to Cake

    Looking to feed an alternative to cake for the triplets on turnips and the doubles for the last week or so pre lambing, and the time they are housed to lamb, generally a week. Fed up with ewes going mental over the rustle of a cake bag, and I don't like the pushing and shoving element. My...
  14. polk_farmer

    Lleyn Shearlings

    I know this is a way off yet, but just putting feelers out and trying to work out a budget for the year. How much would 100 lleyn shearlings (pure or pedigree) set me back? Good health status, good feet, preferably EAE accredited. May even consider NZ Suffolk/Texel x lleyn. And would anybody...
  15. polk_farmer

    Spray and Pray

    Has anybody tried this? Thinking of doing a field of swedes like this next year, seems a cheap way to go. Provided it has good establishment and yield
  16. polk_farmer

    Chappy teats

    Yes its that joyous time of year again for us. What does everyone do with their sheep if they get chappy teats on their ewes that then start kicking lambs away? So much time can be wasted turning over sheep, skeeting them out and putting on uddersalve. ( last year we had the lightbulb idea of...
  17. Bury the Trash

    Inside Out

    They came across pretty well actually...i thought anyway.:(
  18. polk_farmer

    3 in 2 lambing

    Following on from another thread. Has anyone had experience of 3 in 2 Dorset lambing, or know of anyone who does it? Thought about it before, but that was as far as it got
  19. polk_farmer

    Cell counts in sheep

    I have often thought, when merrily putting in cull tags of lactating ewes with mastitis. But is there any reason why progeny of rams/ different bloodlines/ own breeding flock cannot be milk recorded to find out the SCC of the milk (also I'm sure the protein and butterfat levels would influence...
  20. polk_farmer

    Iodine bolus

    Probably been a tread on this recently, but don't want to trawl back through them all. Putting all our ewes out on either rape, or rape/ turnip mix, depending on being pregnant or with lambs at foot. Putting them out there in January after the dairy farms start telling people with sheep to...

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