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  1. jd6820

    Browns Juggler - a brilliant machine and a great company to deal with.

    Hi there, I was going to post this in the classic section but I feel with the modifications we have made it is worthy of 'modern' status. I'd firstly like to thank Browns Agricultural Equipment. An excellent firm who answered any queries I had and took the time to offer solutions to any parts...
  2. jd6820

    Volvo loading shovel for clamp work.

    Hi everyone, Now I know I could be opening a can of worms with this one, given some differing views on this topic. I'm not really after a slagging match as to why a JCB is or isn't a better machine, but whether or not a Volvo L70C or D, would be up to doing a bit of buckraking. If so, what is...
  3. jd6820

    Massey Ferguson 595 lift hydraulic pump

    Hi there, I've recently brought a customers MF595 into the workshop they were complaining of poor lift from the linkage, I have split the tractor behind the spacer plate, and diagnosed several faults, firstly the piston rings in the lift cylinder were well worn, then I found that the system...
  4. jd6820

    MF6840 Error Code T151 - one for the MF experts!

    Hi, I'm usually repairing the green brand of tractors so my experience of these Masseys is limited. I was helping a mate out this weekend who has an MF6840 Dyna-6 with a perkins engine. I noticed whilst driving the tractor it was flashing the brake pressure symbol and error code T151 was...
  5. jd6820

    Case 956XL

    I've recently been working on a Case 956XL with a hydraulic fault, when warm steering judders and spools struggle to lift any weight. Pressure gauge plugged in from cold, indicates a continuous pressure drop even though no flow required, I find this strange as far as I am aware this tractor has...
  6. jd6820

    Claas Liner 3000 Rake - Automatic headland sequence issues...

    Hi there, This is a new one on me, a customers rake has started playing up on the automatic headland button, the rotors are trying to fold all the way up, rather than halfway, it initially started with the front rotors then all rotors failed. The potentiometers appear to be working correctly...
  7. jd6820

    Chrome or stainless exhaust?

    Hi everyone, Just attempting to research which of these types of exhaust is best, I'm trying to source an exhaust for a mates 6510 John Deere, I personally cannot stand bling so this is not my area of expertise, hence me asking the question. The little bit of research that I've done indicates...
  8. jd6820

    JCB 406 pivot steer, full rebuild project.

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 1994 JCB 406 loader, I'll be rebuilding the engine due to a suspected head gasket, but after further investigation there was wear found at piston rings. So I've decided to completely strip down and rebuild the engine, also the rest of...
  9. jd6820

    How to post pictures - please read...

    Hi there, There are two ways of posting pictures depending on where you get the pictures from. See below for both tutorials, anyone having any technical difficulties, just send us a PM and i'll make additions to this thread posting solutions to peoples problems. Please also see the final post...

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