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    Pubs reopening.

    Who needs a holiday!
  2. Rust

    Ultimate baler / sled / grab combo.

    Have you used one ?
  3. Rust

    Parmiter utah

    Several stages above FT
  4. Rust

    pto gearbox

    Good questions I'll have to try and find out.
  5. Rust

    pto gearbox

    Gang mower gearbox ? Lots about Mines cheaper [emoji6] One here
  6. Rust

    The correct way to dispose of tyres ?
  7. Rust

    Hay making 2020

    Going to cut some tomorrow, before it dies [emoji45]
  8. Rust

    JD 2850 Loss of Hydraulics

    Does the cab have to be removed to access transmission pump ?
  9. Rust

    The meme thread

    Safe....two boxes of wife beater 🤣
  10. Rust

    Bearing help
  11. Rust

    Kverneland Packomat

    A franquet?
  12. Rust

    Kverneland Packomat
  13. Rust

    Overum ploughs

    Does that plough have tru line ?
  14. Rust

    A odd ford 6600

    Perry's is where it's from One owner.
  15. Rust

    A odd ford 6600

    Also handbrake on left side and a independent unit. Speedo as well. Sorry if a mess. App isn't working and having to use website
  16. Rust

    A odd ford 6600

    Yes both sides
  17. Rust

    A odd ford 6600

    Fella working on a odd 6600 in my shed. Anyone know why the extra brakes and cab ?
  18. Rust

    Beginners guide to driving a combine

    Don't forget to look under the straw.
  19. Rust

    The meme thread

  20. Rust

    Dowdeswell plough

    I had some happy hours with my DP7c. Cutting it up and putting it in the skip 🤣🤣

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