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  1. Mr Happy

    Situation Vacant Trainee hydraulic engineer

    Hydraulic company in Norwich would like to train a young person in becoming a hydraulic engineer. If you are interested and would like more details please contact me at or tel nr 07902 227452.
  2. Mr Happy

    Raw milk.

    I was on a dairy farm today and I decided to buy some raw milk. Took it home and let my two daughters try it and to my surprise they liked it. Any body else drink raw milk and what are the benifts.
  3. Mr Happy

    What ever next Local paper running a story about banning tractors on A roads. More work for the police and what good will it do.
  4. Mr Happy

    International B414

    I am look for help / information for a customer who is looking to install some kind of power assisted steering to his B414. I have found out that he may require a tandem gear pump but we are struggling to find a supplier of any other items.
  5. Mr Happy

    Tracks Charity Ploughing

  6. Mr Happy

    Ford Dexta

    Help required..... I have a customer who is looking for a replacement hyd pump for a Ford Dexta. He has exhausted all the normal suppliers and in desperation contacted me [emoji2]
  7. Mr Happy

    Tracks Charity Ploughing

  8. Mr Happy

    Currency surcharges

    How are people being effected?
  9. Mr Happy

    BBC News: Farmers from around Scotland make art from bales of hay

    Farmers from around Scotland make art from bales of hay - Anybody tried bail art in their spare time.
  10. Mr Happy

    Tracks Charity Ploughing

  11. Mr Happy

    June 6th 1944

  12. Mr Happy

    Car paint protection

    Been to a local car dealer today to look at changing the family car. Found the car we like and done a deal, the salesman has told us about Williams F1 Ceramic Paint Protection. Has any one any got any views on vehicle paint protection products, are they good or just another gimmick!
  13. Mr Happy

    Ed Sheeran

    Just got Ed Sheeran last CD/DVD for my eleven year old daughter and its got a 15 rating sticker on the cover. When we were looking at it before we bought on a popular internet shopping site no sign of an age rating sticker any where. Can any body shed any light on where on the CD/DVD is the 15...
  14. Mr Happy

    Ford TW20 Quick release couplings

    Looking for a supplier for some hydraulic female quick release couplings for a Ford TW20, can be new or used. Thanks.
  15. Mr Happy

    Hydraulic chainsaw

    Does anybody know where you can buy a hydraulic chainsaw in the UK?
  16. Mr Happy

    Tracks Charity Ploughing

    A good day out if you like classic crawlers.
  17. Mr Happy

    The Midlands Machinery Show

    I have just seen a full page advert in FMJ for The Midlands Machinery Show 12th & 13th of Nov 2014 at the Newark Showground. It is to early to ask if any body is thinking about going. I see that they have already got some companies on there exhibitor list.
  18. Mr Happy

    Big A

    Does any body have or know where there might be a Big A for sale. I have a customer who has a project which requires a Big A or similar machine.
  19. Mr Happy

    Classic tractor mag

    I have just come back from a trip to the local supermarket. As per normal I had a quick look at the magazine rack to see that this months Classic Tractor mag has a free copy of FMJ include with it. As an old regular subscriber to Classic Tractor and a new one to FMJ. I am slightly miffed to see...
  20. Mr Happy

    2014 E C V T Show.

    Did anybody go to the Eastern Counties Vintage Show last week end? I think I saw Nick's van in the car park. If you did go what did you think.

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