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  1. casemx 270

    Making tools for a job

    Today we had to remove a blind pin managed to get the pin moving round but not managing to remove it . So we Made a puller to extract it , which worked a treat. Do others make one off tools to help a job along if so what sort of thing have you had to make ? Thanks just interested .
  2. casemx 270

    USA and Canada running older kit

    We have been talking at work today about running older tractors. The tractor machanic I was working with said about farmers rebuilding older tractors rather than buying new. We got on to talking about this being more popular on American farms where out of season farmers would rebuild their...
  3. casemx 270

    Situation Vacant Harvest worker required

    To work on a 3000acre arable farm. A diverse and varied role;main tasks will involve corn carting and Tele handler work. Excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and work with a with a dynamic and friendly team. Previous tractor driving experience and Tele handler certificate an...
  4. casemx 270

    Wynn's Diesel cleaner

    Anyone used it ? How did you use it ? And how much for use in a tractor ? Thanks
  5. casemx 270

    Topcon x30

    How can I get the x30 to paint automatically when auto steer is engaged . Thanks
  6. casemx 270

    HT leads and gas bangers

    Need some HT leads to replace some on gas bangers,do the HT leads need to be anything special or will some from a car parts supplier do ?
  7. casemx 270

    Welding gloves

    After some welding gloves for mig welding any recommendations?
  8. casemx 270

    Rigger boots for a wide calf

    Happy New year to you all . Looking for some recommendations for rigger boots for someone with wide calves(legs ) Thanks
  9. casemx 270


    My daughter is doing a degree in zoology and has to write a piece on parasites where science can not fully explain the life cycle of parasite in animals any ideas please we would be really grateful thanks.
  10. casemx 270

    Organophosphate poisoning

    About 35 years ago I was helping with sheep dipping it was a hot summers day so I was really sweating after helping out I became ill ,GP thought I d been abroad and got malaria I had to have these rehydration powders and was quite poorly any got better and moved on .Then 20 years ago I had a...
  11. casemx 270


    Anyone been diagnosed with this on your lungs?
  12. casemx 270


    I ve hit a concrete block while hedge trimming it's broken the metal off the rotor that holds one of the flails on ,so can this be repaired and how? Thanks
  13. casemx 270

    New phone

    Looking for ideas for a tougher smart phone that can with stand farm worker abuse
  14. casemx 270

    Heating and welding

    We had some welding done on a sprayer this last week and the guy heated the repair up before welding it up ,it was a crack on a axle. In what situations would you consider using this technique to improve the welded repair ?
  15. casemx 270

    Wide top rigger boots

    I m looking for recommendations for wide top rigger boots as I have a swollen lower leg so most makes are just too tight any ideas appreciated thanks.
  16. casemx 270

    Makita DCS 500

    I got a Makita DCS 500 which is a 50 cc engine, when I bought it came with a 18 " bar in my opinion it would run better on a smaller bar something like a 15 or 16 bar it's currently on a 5/8 chain but was wondering if it was worth going to a 0.325 chain bar and sprocket would I notice any...
  17. casemx 270

    Steel bushing

    I m looking for some steel bushing that I can cut and weld the size i m looking for is 20mm internal diameter and 35 mm external diameter and i need approximately 0.5 metre of it any ideas thanks
  18. casemx 270

    Recommend a company to lay concrete floor

    As above ,in the process of putting up a new workshop but need recommendations for laying a concrete floor had other companies but not happy with the finish on the shed floor.
  19. casemx 270

    Farmers lung

    Anyone on here diagnosed with it? I ve been in hospital for over two weeks now with pneumonia and they are wondering if I might have picked something up at work we don't have any animals and no hay so if I have I assume it's come from grain
  20. casemx 270

    Nissan x trail

    I understand the early diesels had turbo failure do the newer engines suffer the same and if not from what age have the turbos become more reliable? Thanks

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