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  1. Donkey Oaty

    Renovating a grain trailer.

    Are there any low cost shot/sandblasting tools which readers would recommend to buy for cleaning up a grain trailer before painting it? Or can I hire equipment like this? TIA.
  2. Donkey Oaty

    Floating cows? floating land? An interesting experiment being carried out in Rotterdam. Could we see floating "land" on the scale of thousands of acres in future? It could be a possibility in sheltered waters.
  3. Donkey Oaty

    Rabe eagle avant auto- reset

    Does anyone have an internal auto reset rod for the above plough?
  4. Donkey Oaty

    Grain trailer around 12t

    I am looking for another grain trailer. It doesn't need to be new and high-tech as it won't be used on the road. Must be tidy with hydraulic rear door. I won't start harvest until late August so might be able to wait until you are finished. Pm me with details and price please.
  5. Donkey Oaty

    Holiday cottage in Perthshire

    Long shot, but has anyone got a cottage free for the nights of 28 and 29th July? 4 well behaved adults and 2 dogs. Pm please if you have anything or know of someone to contact.
  6. Donkey Oaty

    Cars: BMW - 520D M-Sport, Business Edition, Touring

    Cars: BMW - 520D M-Sport, Business Edition, Touring Category: Cars Manufacturer: BMW Price: £4500 Condition: Used Description: High spec version of this great car. It has head-up display which lets you see info like speed, navigation, cruise on your windscreen. Automatic dipping Xenon...
  7. Donkey Oaty

    Attn Norwich City fans!

    Are you aware how good a player you have in James Maddison? He is getting alot of attention now in Scotland because of his last minute winner against Rangers. But it was already apparent that this boy has a touch of class not often seen in Scottish football nowadays. I think Aberdeen only have...
  8. Donkey Oaty

    Farm Tractors: CLAAS - Claas

    Farm Tractors: CLAAS - Claas Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: CLAAS Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Wanted: Loader brackets for maileux/Chilton MX120 loader to fit Claas Ares 657 ATZ Tractor [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via...
  9. Donkey Oaty

    Holiday cottage

    Has anyone got a holiday cottage free from sat 4/7 to sat 11/7? I'll consider any area. Not too remote. 2 bedrooms would be big enough. What have you got??
  10. Donkey Oaty

    Pickups and Vans : Isuzu - Dmax extended cab

    Pickups and Vans : Isuzu - Dmax extended cab Category: Pickups and Vans Manufacturer: Isuzu Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Isuzu Dmax extended cab Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This post...
  11. Donkey Oaty

    cropping let contract

    Does anyone have a draft contract that they wouldn't mind me copying? I am letting land seasonally for potatoes and retaining the area payment. TIA. Pm me if you prefer.
  12. Donkey Oaty

    C2 Concerto

    I have some C2 Concerto which was grown to seed specification but has not been taken by the merchant. South Aberdeenshire. Please PM for details.
  13. Donkey Oaty

    Is this one a rare model?

  14. Donkey Oaty

    Rabe Eagle parts

    Does anyone have one of these abandoned in their yard? In particular I am looking for the turnbuckle but would take some other bits and pieces to make it worth sending a package. The turnbuckle looks like this......
  15. Donkey Oaty

    Ukraine seen heading for record grain harvest in 2014 of 63mln t according to the State weather fore

    I copied this from the latest Gleadell Market report where it is one of the "bear" factors affecting the market. It sounds like propaganda to me.
  16. Donkey Oaty

    Top link leaning towards land one way and towards ploughing when going the other way

    As above. It's a Rabe Eagle with a manually adjustable turnbuckle. Can anyone explain why this is and what I need to adjust?
  17. Donkey Oaty

    Where is the fuse box on Dominator 108SL?

    Does anyone know where it is located? I have checked right hand console and under the cab platform but cannot see it. Thanks

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