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  1. Greenbeast

    Rental cost on single bay of a shed

    What should we be looking to pay for a single bay of a shed, floor area 9x6m. Access to drainage and 3 phase power. Daily access in working hours.
  2. Greenbeast

    Q coupling?

    I'm looking at maybe getting a second hand pole tamper. Assuming that i can get the use of a compressor that can put enough airflow out, how do i integrate a Q coupler fitted hose with the compressor/PCL fittings?
  3. Greenbeast

    Dog sheep attack on my land, where do I stand?

    I've warned my neighbour politely twice about their sheep coming onto my land. Don't care about them grazing a bit of grass but we have 10 dogs, some with known history and that's without general high prey drive and pack behaviour. They've done nothing to stop them crossing still. Up until now...
  4. Greenbeast

    Laying a small concrete slab for vehicle loading bay

    I need to lay a slab for parking the chiller van (panel van) on such that it can be washed down and the run off collected in a drain. How thick should the concrete be? How thick should a stone sub-base be? Do i shutter for both layers, so 8-10+ inches? Best method of shuttering, given the above...
  5. Greenbeast

    Putting up a dutch barn roof

    We're looking at a second hand 'dutch barn' roof structure, no legs. Thinking of sinking some telegraph poles in and bolting on. How deep and wide should i go for concrete footings for each pole?
  6. Greenbeast

    Sourcing automotive connectors?

    The fuel pressure regulator wiring on my vivaro has degraded right after the plug and come off. I've dismantled the plug, it's pictured below. Either i need the whole assembly or just the replacement silver inserts. Best place to find/identify such things?
  7. Greenbeast

    Laying concrete with integral surrounding upstand

    I need to create a contained wash down bay for our pet food plant. We already have a 6x1m path, but we need to add to this a vehicle unloading/wash down bay and also extend the slab underneath the doors of both the freezer and the cutting room. It needs to be so that any dropped/spilled/wash out...
  8. Greenbeast

    Vacuum pump refurb

    As some would have noticed i've got an old, seized vacuum pump with a bucket milking machine. Here i've got the shaft and drum out and all 4 graphite vanes removed, unfortunately 2 are broken Decent old set square and various grades of wet and dry paper WIth the grinder...
  9. Greenbeast

    Un-seize oil free vacuum pump

    I hve the chance to use a single cow milking machine but the alfa-laval oil-free vacuum pump that comes with it has not been run and maintained for a long time. How can i refurb it so it works again?
  10. Greenbeast

    Raw dog food kickstarter

    Hi all, My partner has started a kickstarter (actually a week ago and only a week left to run) for our raw dog food project. I thought i'd pop it up here if it's no bother in case anyone is interested and fancies pledging, there's dog food rewards available as well as human food :) Take a...
  11. Greenbeast

    Looking after my Jersey

    I have a jersey who has calved last week, she's now on a 23% protein hard food. I will be starting to milk her in the next couple of days, i feel like she's going to finish her ration long before i'm done and will start fidgeting to get out and back to the calf. Is there something i should be...
  12. Greenbeast

    Can i charge a 12V battery whilst it's on an electric fence unit?

    As above, don't have a spare to swap in (without raiding a machine) and would rather not have the fence off if i can avoid it. Thoughts?
  13. Greenbeast

    Parking and power for ice cream van storage

    Fella I know needs somewhere to store his ice cream van and a chest freezer over this summer. I can estimate power use and charge accordingly but what about the parking fee. He'd need access each weekend and maybe other times too. I've got to find out those details and how awkward it would be...
  14. Greenbeast

    Faulty fan motor

    I have this fan from one of my walk in freezers. On the bench with a 24v supply it runs. The machine puts out 25-27v when appropriate (with motor disconnected) The contacts of the motor connector make the continuity circuit buzz on the DMM (not sure if this is significant or not) The...
  15. Greenbeast

    Bad Obsession, new project

  16. Greenbeast

    Cable tie alternative

    I have a need to secure puppy pen panels together more than just their hooks for micropig visits. I use cable ties but it seems wasteful to use a bunch for every single school they go to. I am aware of reusable cable ties, are they any good for repeated use? Alternatively are they any methods i...
  17. Greenbeast

    Wood chipper not running

    I was gifted this old wood chipper. Been sat covered (as well as possible) with a tarp over winter. Has a 16A plug, running through a 16A to 13A adaptor it was blowing the 13A fuse immediately when starting. Put a 16A socket on the wall and it does not trip a 16A mcb but still doesn't run. The...
  18. Greenbeast

    Power steering reservoir empty

    What are the possible issues with having the reservoir for the power steering pump lay empty for an extended period. I didn't know about it when we first got the machine and it steered well enough for me to not think about it. But then I suspected it wasn't powerful enough and found no fluid...
  19. Greenbeast

    Three phase electrical connection query

    Ok i have picked up an old hobart bowl mixer that is plated as 3 phase and has a 415V sticker on the back of it. It currently has a 9H 3P+E Blue plug on it, i don't know if it has ever been used in this configuration or it has been put on prior to being sold at some point in the past (i bought...
  20. Greenbeast

    Best technique for releasing digger idler

    Popped a track the other day, need to whack it back on tomorrow but looking to minimise the time spent looking for lumps of wood just the right size to fit behind the blade, or other buggering about. What's the best technique for a 3 tonner with steel tracks?

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