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  1. rob h

    Vintage combine thread

    Good to see them still working .not many old ones left round hear.ours is one of the older ones but it's only 26 and has air con and electric controls so quite modern really.most smaller farms are getting a neighbour to cut or have a self drive hire from Colin martinson
  2. rob h

    Today at work

    making good progress and under 15% no shortage of trailers today .
  3. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    Well after seeing pictures of serial no plates I cleaned ours off and it's actually newer than I thought it's a 1965.
  4. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    I’ve seen that I didn’t know scrap prices were that good.
  5. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    Good to see a old almet still working they were a lot of them around hear .but most of them went in the scrap years ago
  6. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    Wow that’s. Almost 3 times more than our 45 cwt /hour
  7. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    Just thinking today how old our grain dryer is .it's a alvan blanch cascade 45 1963.first used bought it brand new and it's still going well.every year about now we look at it and say we'll have to get something bigger but it never seems to happen.are there many outhers using dryers of a...
  8. rob h

    6m Lely power harrow

    They are just 2 3m power harrows bolted in a frame so should be able to get one from a breaker with a 3m there are a few different models 33 44 45 to choose from you just need to know what’s in youres google Richard dove at pocklington he breaks them for spares
  9. rob h

    Show me your pusher please.

    I have been thinking it looks heavy.
  10. rob h

    Control box window sucker

    I have Brocken the screen twice on my raven cruiser with a ram mount on a suction cup.both times it hit the throttle pedal.after the second visit to David king I made a clamp to attach it on the cab frame.still has a ram mount on top for adjustment
  11. rob h

    Mf Combines

    I made a pair out of flat bar.
  12. rob h

    Track Marshall idler rollers

    They are bushes not bearings filled with gear oil.i have fitted new bushes and shaft long time ago.but it may not be worth it if the rollers worn. Try crawfords for a new or used one
  13. rob h

    Massey 6480 linkage sensor

    Had similar problems with our 6465.the draught sensing pin on the bottom linkage had come loose
  14. rob h

    Mf Combines

    Tryed that years ago local belt supply cross ref numbers and got us some belts half price .they didn't last verry long .standard v belts are not as tough as combine belts.unless you can find some heavy duty ones
  15. rob h

    Mf Combines

    Just a thought but easily over looked have you checked the concave to make shure its not partly blocked between the wires
  16. rob h

    Round baler belts

    Just replaced our 740 belts last week. Company called belt flex £200 each deliveed only done about 300 bales so far but they look well made with heavy duty joiners
  17. rob h

    Mf Combines

    that must be why it needs to be run fast . I seem to remember their is a optimum speed for rasp bars so smaller diameter needs more speed
  18. rob h

    Show me your pusher please.

    we have a Sutton 15ft works a treat on our massey digger. but is a bit ott on our th62. you have to be carefull not to put it through the roof .if I was getting one for the th now I would probably go 3m then just telly out a bit more .
  19. rob h

    Mf Combines

    I only slow drum speed for rape and beans .everything else its flat out then open or close concave to suit conditions
  20. rob h

    Mf Combines

    Ours is a 93reg 32 all the settings info and hints and tips for improving performance are available on the datavision screen.just scroll through the menue. Maybe newer ones don't have this

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