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  1. Bloders

    ex60 electrics

    yes, put a fuse in it. it will do for now, though ill try and do a proper fix if i can
  2. Bloders

    ex60 electrics

    done some "digging" there is no power getting to the fusebox - if I put power there, everything works. Without it, no gauges, nor heater etc. Any other suggestions welcome! I am tempted to run a power wire straight from the isolating solenoid to the fusebox. Will this mess it up badly? thank you
  3. Bloders

    Hydraulic pressure based load weight monitor.

    Im not "dissing" your method, but a pressure guge tee'd into the lift cylinder is easier andgives the same result? the upside of your method is you can have the readout anywhere as opposed to having to run a hose to a gauge. For someone like me, id lose interest at programming the PLC!
  4. Bloders

    ex60 electrics

    Hello again. None of the Hitachi EX60-2 "dash" gauges and throttle controls work. fuses seem ok (none are blown) Any suggestions please thank you
  5. Bloders

    Hydraulic pressure based load weight monitor.

    ive done that for giving a guide how much fertiliser is left in the spreader - just t'd it into the lift cylinders and calibrated with 0, 1, 2 and 3 bags in. Its very useful!
  6. Bloders

    Sirius potash mine

    i think i bought mine at 10p as with all shares, i bought only enough i could afford to lose.
  7. Bloders

    'Are you startin?'

    They can be a very valuable diagnostic tool. part of the toolkit and perfectlya ceptable if used correctly, just like all the other tools.
  8. Bloders

    Burnt tractor parts

    how come? the oil is just another source of fuel. Oil quenching is different - it is utiliing the specific heat capacity of the oil to achieve a set cooling rate, rather than the chemical properties of the oil itself
  9. Bloders

    AdBlue problems on combine engines.

    is anyone able to draw a comparison with loading shovels and other earth movning equipment? (how high up is ad blue filling point on those)
  10. Bloders

    So what happened

    its gone on because the person who posted it still claims it.
  11. Bloders

    So what happened

    so if the tractor engine cannot produce much power at low rpm, then it will have to run faster to power the machine. At the end of the day, Power = force x velocity. So to shift a machine at 60km/hr will use a specific amount of power. Whatever engine speed this power is generated at, the...
  12. Bloders

    So what happened

    of course low rpms can burn lots of fuel. Take it to the extreme and look at ship engines. They are thousands of hp and run at less than 100 rpm.
  13. Bloders

    So what happened

    there should be an archive section, that and the dead horse thread come to mind
  14. Bloders

    Forage wagon - I don't believe the hype

    they willbe classed as a trailer, same as a slurry tanker. I dont recall the number, but its the ratio of unladen to laden weight whihc defines if it is a traielr or an implement
  15. Bloders

    Classics Earning their keep.

    whihc might not be very long.
  16. Bloders

    Pto clutch spares

    have a look on kramp website
  17. Bloders

    FE35 cav injector pump - fuel line

    where did you get your seal/gasket from? I want to replace the seal on the stopper shaft of a CAV pump
  18. Bloders

    Diesel tank leak

    yes -try some Belzona (there are other brands) semi permanent solution would be to put some stuff on sto stope the leak, then clean the area (and the stuff you just put on) and then another layer as a final coat
  19. Bloders

    Filling rake / tedder tyres

    you could have the tyres foam filled - its heavy though but you wont have another puncture
  20. Bloders

    Health and safety

    working "red zone" is relatively common and indeed alomost necessary at times so you can see the effect of your work as a train passess past. Ive done it quite a bit in the past. As above, we dont know the facts, other than two poor fellas have not made it home tonight to their families.

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