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  1. J

    Any sales, shows or markets on this Saturday 16th feb?

    Got the boys this Saturday and want to take them out somewhere, the 5 year old loves farming. So anything on in the east mids? I’m a farmer myself not some townie wanting to blend in.
  2. J

    NATIVE tup for large flock

    Dorset tup, grow well and good shape. I used them on texel/Suffolk ewes and had great lambs.
  3. J

    Poultry farm work

    Hi everyone, is anyone looking for any staff on poultry farms? I’m hard working and although not got any experience in poultry farming willing to learn. Currently work in agriculture but due to relationship break down need something with more regular hours so I can commit to seeing my boys. I’m...
  4. J

    Dorset ewes

    That would be great, if you want to send me a phone number I’ll save it until I’ve been trough them.
  5. J

    Dorset ewes

    That’s the million dollar question, Off the top of my head £95 a head I’ve got to go through them check ages ect. Depends what cull price does.
  6. J

    Dorset ewes

    No sorry
  7. J

    Dorset ewes

    I’m going to have 30-40 Dorset ewes for sale in coming months, mixed ages registered with the society, lambing at the moment. Will consider selling with lambs at foot. Only selling due to giving up some grazing. East Midlands area.
  8. J

    Building on smallholding

    I’ve recently separated from my partner and moved into rented accommodation. This is far from ideal neighbours don’t like my dogs, no garden for kids and generally not my kind of environment. Thinking of going for planning on my mother’s land that I run my 100 sheep from. There’s no electric and...
  9. J

    Can a texel tup start throwing a big head.

    I’ve used the same tup for 4 if not 5 lambings and this year the ewes are having trouble giving birth, it’s like this year the lambs heads are a lot broader than previous. All the ewes have lambed before and are pure Dorset’s same as previous just this year I’m have issues. Can it be he’s...
  10. J


    Thanks, bigger than what I’m after thanks again
  11. J


    Can you get any in next couple of days?
  12. J


    Any pictures of the houses you have for sale? What price are you looking for?
  13. J

    Ewe rolls

    Wondering about building a ply wood bin to have it blown into
  14. J

    Ewe rolls

    Thank you for your input, I was working on a ton bagged on a pallet is roughly 1.2x1.1x1.5 = 1.95 But that’s not a very accurate way of doing it.
  15. J

    Ewe rolls

    Can anyone tell me how many metre cubed 3 ton of rolls is?? Thank you
  16. J

    Pig ear tags

    I use Shearwell tags, I’m only small scale but not lost one. Tag when pigs are still small it’s a lot easier
  17. J

    Turkey weigh

    Hi sorry to keep bothering you all with my questions, first thing I’ve ever done with turkeys this year. Weighed an average bird today and weighed 9.2lb what’s it likely to weigh by Christmas there on ablib mole valley turkey finisher. Anything I can do to make them put more on? Thanks in...
  18. J

    Kill out % of turkeys

    Hi everyone looking for an expert I’ve 3 turkeys growing for Christmas, going to weigh them tomorrow see how there doing. Am I right in thinking there about 75% kill out? So a 15lb live weight will give 10lb dead weight.
  19. J

    Staggering lambs finishing

    Surly using different tups will change the continuity of product.
  20. J

    Meat not setting properly after slaughter

    I remember my dad and another farmer once on about this and the slaughterhouse said it was down to stress, the beast had been climbing the walls apparently.

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