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    New Holland Combine monitor

    I'm just starting to get ready my combine for harvest and when I pulled it out the info view monitor isnt showing anything at all. Checked fuses and all ok, any ideas? It a late model TX66
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    Massey Ferguson 7700s series

    Anyone on here running a 7716/7718 alongside a 7720? All Dyna 6 Is the lift noticibly slower to raise in the 7720 than the 7716/7718?
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    Irish farmers dating

    Just a spin off from the farmers dating thread but for all those in the emerald Isle I'll kick it off Mid thirties male here seeking a nice lady😁
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    Massey Ferguson

    Wanted massey ferguson 399/398/699 Must be in good working condition
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    Massey Ferguson 6490 - 6495

    Wanted Massey Ferguson 6490 or 6495 Must be in excellent condition Hours under 4500 - 5000 Needs to have front linkage, 4 spools( preferably manual) Needs to have front suspension and cab suspension Dyna 6 40km but 50km would be considered 2009 - 2012 would be preferable Message me if you have...

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