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    Wanted friesian bull calves

    May/ June born friesian bull calves under 42 days old, clean or TB restricted straight into Afu, good prices paid for strong calves Devon/ Cornwall border
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    Blue bull calves

    Wanted TB restricted Blue bull calves from 1 month old upwards, ideally weaned! Thanks
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    Maschio combi drill *massive saving*

    For sale 3 metre maschio gaspardo power Harrow combi drill, heavy duty 3m power Harrow 250hp gearbox 90% tines, 600 mm packer roller, perfecta disc double disc coulter drill, full spec hopper extensions etc.... Brand new October 2013 only 450ha from new immaculate condition, cost over 30k new...
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    Wanted blue bull calves

    Blue bull calves wanted from 1 month old upwards, ideally weaned. Can take tb restricted calves!
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    Anybody grown maize to cut as earlage, looking to grow maize as a break crop, and wanted to make it fit into a fattening ration without the extra cost of plastic, combining, crimping etc for grain maize, thoughts please.....
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    Jack Russell puppy

    Wrong place I know, but here goes! I'm looking for a tan and white short legged smooth coated jack Russell bitch, distance not an issue for the right puppy
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    Jack Russell puppy

    Wanted tan and white short legged jack Russell bitch
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    Hybrid wheat

    Any thoughts on hybrid wheat, thinking of trying some this autumn, haven't seen any trial plots yet tho!
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    Calf water heater

    Just bought 50 beef calves to rear & finish, after some ideas for a water heater that will warm 150 litres of water to 40ish degrees to mix up with the powder, will save a lot of work carrying water etc... Ideas please

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