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  1. BobGreen

    nissan navara any good?

    I agree the paint is crap
  2. BobGreen

    nissan navara any good?

    Mine was fine but I should have got rid before warranty ran out. It’s done 130;000 in 41/2 years Just had egr valve, egr cooler at a cost of £2,000. Realise now that main dealer mechanics are just laptop drivers and about ok for servicing Doris’s Nissan Duke. When asked why they hadn’t done a...
  3. BobGreen

    Which excavator?

    M J Wilkinson
  4. BobGreen

    Which excavator?

    Oh he would know !! Left school could hardly read and write and has built a multi million business. Invoices still come hand written He has a great memory. Knows where every machine is and what it has with it His fitters says they wish he’d stop buying and sell some. I’ll get a picture of one...
  5. BobGreen

    Which excavator?

    MJ Wilkinson 01253 701688 / 07711 701688 He has hundreds of machines of all sizes and condition. If he hasn’t he’ll know where one is !
  6. BobGreen

    Drawings to fabricate a building

    175/16 will be fine there usually set 10mm proud of rafter so overall height is 185mm
  7. BobGreen

    Prices 60x40x15

    Location ?
  8. BobGreen

    Today at work

    But if steel up today to cover a silo
  9. BobGreen

    Barn conversion

    Good idea. I’ve some stables to do and the question was asked if the panels could be faced like that I suppose if the bought in brick slips were used I could notch the panels to make them flush to the steels
  10. BobGreen

    Barn conversion

    Did you cut them thinner then for over the steel ?
  11. BobGreen

    Jacking up a livestock shed

    Definitely. And carefully inspect purlins for any rot etc especially if there’s any damp been leaking in. But they’ll probably better than new ones you get now !
  12. BobGreen

    Oh dear

    ??? Certainly not !!! We’re busy but I’m not that desperate ! They would be sacked before first bay was done
  13. BobGreen

    Oh dear

    Finding it hard to believe that’s even possible to get them so much out of line !! Looking at screws they are big sheets as well Unbelievable ??
  14. BobGreen

    Silage 2020

    When I was contracting we had a customer who complained about the strip up to fence. Next time my driver kept guard folded up. Then we got the complaint that each post had been clipped by blades as he was too close !
  15. BobGreen

    Silage 2020

    10X ?
  16. BobGreen


    Seen that done in Holland on a college exchange trip many years ago. We couldn’t understand why they didn’t use a buck rake. Clamp was just a mushroom shape on a concrete pad
  17. BobGreen

    Farmers and fitness

    Watching these young lads carting grass with their 200 hp tractors with power shift gearboxes I wonder what exercise they get when there’s just buttons to press Reminds me of working for a contractor 40 years ago. Carting tractor was a 6 cylinder major, no cab and every trailer getting on and...
  18. BobGreen

    Classics Earning their keep.

    I’ve watched that a few times and never noticed ! Well spotted
  19. BobGreen

    I fear

    Some are treating this as an extended holiday. Financially they are no worse off on 80% wage. Boris easing of lockdown rules was taken as we can go where we want so on a hot day they crowd the beaches When the furlough ends,and it will, these people crowding the beaches and elsewhere and...

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