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    The oven ready deal is unfair.

    That deal he negotiated and boasted about before the all of a sudden, unfair.
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    Meadowgrass in reseed

    Reseeded a field after winter barley. More or less straight into the stubble with the combi drill after a light cultivation. Half is great, the other half has a heavy dose of annual meadow grass growing through it. Whats the best way to control it? For this year and the future of the grass sward?
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    North East Scotland rainfall.

    Any north easters - Aberdeenshire specifically, got any rainfall data for this year since New Year? Can't remember when we last had any significant rain. We escaped all the heavy rain the rest of the country got through January to March. Bloody dry.
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    Kohler k301 13hp engine electro starting.

    Hello everyone. I have a Howard Gem Rotovator with a Kohler K301 13hp engine. Always been problems with starting so bought a new coil and chip to convert to electronic timing. Before I completely reassemble, can anyone find any issue with the wiring? I appreciate spark plug wire not attached...
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    Can anyone recommend me a drone?

    Looking for a drone that will hold altitude, follow a flight path and follow a subject, with a good camera for stills and video to post on a website HD maybe?. For less than £150. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Liquid Fert 101.

    What would I need to go to liquid Fert? Asking from a beginner's point of view! Do I need to have twin lines on my sprayer? Does plastic sprayer lines do the job or do they need to be stainless? What tends to be the minimum order quantity for liquid N? How long will liquid N store?
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    Large mature weeds in fodder beet.

    Redshank, chickweed and red dead nettle mainly. Will anything take them out?
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    Home heating, smart thermostats.

    Doing a bit of house renovation and always liked the idea of smart thermostats you can control from your phone. Anyone have experience of them? Hive etc? Not sure if I could fit to a oil fired rayburn, but I don't suppose its different to any other oil boiler.
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    Bird call identification.

    Listening to a distinctive bird call just now but no idea how to identify it. It kind of goes wooooo-eeep weep weep. Is there any site I can go to to try and identify it?
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    McCormick CX 105 creeper box.

    I sometimes find it extremely difficult to get my cx105 creeper box engaged. To the point of really pushing hard on the lever, which can't do it much good I'm sure. Is there an issue or is would it always be hard to engage? Putting it in neutral range does help slightly but it's still not very...
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    Mini combine knives

    I'm looking for a place that would sell mini combine knives. Something with knife sections a couple inches deep?
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    Carrot herbicides, aclinofen.

    Morning everyone. I was wondering if any kind carrot grower would be willing to share their herbicide schedule with me? I only grow a few beds but weeds are persistently a problem! Always wondered how pro growers keep them so clean! Will you be using Emerger this year? (Aclinofen)
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    Samco plastic.

    Who distributes it in the UK? SAMCO themselves? Only needing one roll for an experiment!
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    No deal?

    What would happen if we left with no deal? To our industry? To uk economy as a whole?
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    Weedy carrots...and onions.

    Grow a few beds of carrots for an on farm shop. Got a bit distracted this year with my wedding so now I have carrot beds which also contain mature chickweed, redshank and knotgrass as well as amg. Is there anything i can do for them now? Linuron? Any other options uncluding eamu's ? Similar...
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    Van body from Bilston west Midlands to Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

    3.2m x 2m van body. Quotes welcomed.
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    Refrigerated air con unit.

    I'd like to make a dolav or two into small cold stores. Secure lid on top, bolt air con unit to the side and bobs your uncle. Can anyone see an issue with this? My biggest problem seems to be finding a air con unit small enough to cool a 1m3 space!
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    Anyone got a lost of T6 new Holland fault codes?

    Got 3436 just now and limited engine revs. No mechanic available til Monday. Be nice to know what I'm dealing with!
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    AI technicians in Aberdeenshire

    Genus are pulling out from the area and stopping their daily AI service. Any reliable technicians anyone know of?
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    Making a mounted spreader trailed.

    Has anyone made a mounted feet spreader trailed by building some sort of trolley? Getting really fed up squeezing in to hitch up our amazone.

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