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  1. radu

    Telehandler 405/70-24 tyres and 650/75R32

    Looking for a set of 4 telehandler tyres and one tyre for a combine. Sizes are mentioned in the title. I am nit from the UK, but if the price is good, i will arrange pickup.
  2. radu

    I need a solution

    The hole where the unfolding cylinder is attached is not round anymore. I want to enlarge it and make a bushing. The only problem is that it's part of the main chasis so i can't dismantle it/take it to a mill. What options do i have?
  3. radu

    Any lavander growers?

    My brother has a 1ha 3 year old lavander plantation and after seeing how it performed in the first two production years, i think it might be an interesting investment. Does anyone know of any larger scale plantations?
  4. radu

    john deere turbo, new actuator or reman turbo?

    the turbo actuator on my 6115M, ~3800 hours, just crapped it's pants, probably some gear inside is broken, as it sticks in one position. On the turbine side the linkage moves easily. I can get a new actuator and new linkage (current one is a bit worn) for ~1000 Eur + VAT or a reman complete...
  5. radu

    Can i retrofit more PTO speeds on a JD 6115M?

    I need to change the workload for the above mentioned tractor and it would need it to do a lot of spraying with a trailed sprayer. The thing is it has only one PTO speed, that is 540 @ around 1970 rpm. Is it possible/viable to add 540E speed so i wont have to run it so hard?
  6. radu

    JD Climatrak problem

    The AC system on my JD9540i has started playing up. There are no error codes and the AC compressor clutch engages for very randomly short periods of time. Sometimes it would start to cycle normally, like stay engaged for a few tens of seconds, then disengage for a similar period. Has anyone...
  7. radu

    trimble fields, edges and guidance lines

    so, i have a couple of quotes for a Trimble GFX 750 with ezpilot and centerpoint that i plan to use for drilling. There's a feature that i am looking for and i'm asking here before i'll talk to the dealer. But first a little background info: i am currently working about 140 different fields and...
  8. radu

    Filling the fert spreader

    On the old fert spreader i had a sort of platform made out of a wooden plank and some metal bits on the rear end where someone would stand and cut the bags of fert to fill the spreader. It was kinda crude but it worked. I changed to a bigger, 5 bag spreader and i would like to make a similar...
  9. radu

    green star 2630 AutoTrac activation lost

    Hi all, I have a 1 month old JD6195M that came with a SF6000 receiver and 2630 screen with SF1 and autotrac activated. The driver told me that out of nowhere, yesterday the autotrac pie dissapeard from the screen. After checking the autotrac diagnostics, it seems that i don't have an autotrac...
  10. radu

    need more weight on the front

    Hi all i have a JD6195M that i'm going to use with a couple of heavy mounted implements. The tractor has a full row of 18 waffers/900kg on the nose (no front linkage) but the front wheels still bounce up at the slightest bump when turning at the headlands with a 5 meter mounted lemken heliodor...
  11. radu

    JD 5515 gearbox porblems

    Hi all, So, this summer the 5515 i use for spraying started jumping out of reverse on the left hand reverser. sent it to the JD dealer only to find out that most of the cogs in the gearbox were chipped. It's all mechanical, 4 speeds, 3 ranges, reverse and forward. after 3 months, a 3 page list...
  12. radu

    JD T550 question

    we went to see a second hand 2010 T550 combine at the main jd dealer's. It has 3k engine hours and 2k threshing hours which would suit us fine as our 9540 wts has 5800 engine hours and is still going fine. The combine was in a good state for her age apart from a couple of things: 1. There is a...
  13. radu

    machinery price database You're welcome! Oh, you don't speak romanian? then follow this steps: click on "cautare avansata" (advanced search), select the machinery brand from the "Marca" dropdown and the model from the, well, Model dropdown. Fill in the captcha and click on "Cauta" Now some...
  14. radu

    JD6620 running in 5 cylinders

    2005 JD6620 10k hours started running rough and white smoke was coming out the exhaust. The mechanic sugested it might be an injector gone so i bought six new injectors (never had any replaced before) which were fit today but the problem was not solved. Then, while trying to identify the...
  15. radu

    Overlap trimble

    Hi Thinking about getting a cfx 750 for spraying but i have a question: on the last run in a field, having started with the contour, if there is an overlap will it show me on the screen how wide the overlap is? It would be useful so I could know which sections to close. Radu
  16. radu

    JD7230R dpf regen problem

    after yesterdays thread about my secondary cultivation tractor which turns out to be pretty much knackered, my main cultivation tractor felt jealous for all the attention the oldie is getting and started to throw some warning/error codes at me. It's a 2015 7230R with a bit over 1500 hrs. I...
  17. radu

    JD7810 IVT Trouble

    So, i have a 2002 7810, 11580 hrs, with IVT transmission that is stuck in Park. There's a bunch of error codes, most of them related to transmission oil pressure being low. I want to know what the codes mean and if somebody has had similar problems or knows something that would help me fix it...
  18. radu

    pair of w10x42 rims

    I need a pair of rims for the back end of a belarus 952 tractor. The rims can be the fixed type as the thread can be adjusted on the axle.
  19. radu

    What is this? (On amazone ug)

    What is the role of the green block in the photo below? I
  20. radu

    do these scratches affect signal quality?

    I have a Trimble EZ-Guide 250 for fert spreading. I also have a shed entry that is 5 mm lower than the tractor + antenna so when the driver forgets to detach the antenna, this happens: The cover is not cracked, only scratched. Will this affect the signal quality?

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