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    I’ve gone

    Pond digger passed away on the 6th feb. As his wife I wanted to thank you for all for the years of enjoyment this forum gave him. My heart is broken....
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    Yorkshire dry stone walling source/ earth retains wall etc

    I have a garden earth retaining wall to build, and was thinking of using the concrete crib system, faced with dry stone walling. Id appreciate any advice on the nearest source of good quality stone: I’m between York and Hull. Perhaps someone might be able to recommend a waller? Although stone...
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    Where’s Walter? I bet he’s chuffed!

    Come on @Walterp , we’re dying for some of your pearls of wisdom.:ROFLMAO:
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    Effing iPad!

    It’s developed an irritating habit of deleting the last letter of a sentence when I put in the full stop. Has anyone else got this problem?
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    More hydraulic flow for a MF135?

    Any ideas for achieving this? I have seen a pic of a shaft drive taken from the bottom pulley, through the hole in the front axle to a bolt on pump stuck out the front. Thanks
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    Giant compact loader

    Anyone got one, or used one? Any opinions regarding quality?
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    Earth cable size on three phase

    Should the earth cable be bigger than the phase conductors, or is it ok to use the same?
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    Does spig & socket on twin wall plastic drain pipe keep out roots?

    Or does that require a rubber seal?
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    Any views on the JCB 520-40

    @ACEngineering have you encountered any? I quite fancy something smallish, and there seems to be a few s/h ones out there.
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    Hurlimann tractors

    They are a nice colour, but are they any good?
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    Yacht Varnish- runs

    What’s the secret to a run free finish? Should I be thinning it? Says on the tin, “don’t over brush”, but it would be a right mess if i didn’t keep going over it. It’s not a yacht; just a sheet of ply hung on the workshop wall to fasten the electric boxes to, but I’d like to get a good finish.
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    A question for the science buffs

    Is it theoretically possible to make new elements? If so, how might it be achieved? My chemistry knowledge is fairly basic, but I was taught that elements cannot be created or destroyed, but that’s not strictly true.
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    Would you insulate a wine cellar?

    Well I’d insulate the ceiling from living accommodation above, but what about walls and floors? Perhaps building regs would insist?
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    MF 4345/4355 snoopy as a hedge/ditch flail tractor

    Any good? Just how bad is the overheating risk? Or, should I stick to the conventional snout? I’m just looking for a relatively basic tractor, thats just powerful enough to comfortably do the job; I’m not going contracting. Any other tractor recommendations at the same sort of money (sub £20k)...
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    Flail tractors

    What’s a good size for the job? Any recommendations for a second hand tractor? Do they tend to run at 1000 pot ?
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    Holiday cottage letting & promotion

    who’s the best company to go with for a new venture? Any general advice on letting? Thanks
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    Avant, multione and other compact loaders

    Does anyone own/operate any of these machines? I’d be interested to know your thoughts on comparative performance and build quality. Thanks
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    Trouble brewing with Iran

    Surely we’re not stupid enough to get dragged into this? Is Iranian involvement in the oil tanker attacks sufficiently proven to justify all hell braking loose? Even if it is proven, surely it’s not worth all out war? Scary stuff! My view- we need to increase surveillance, and hold tight.
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    Taylor’s Mustard: what’s the crack?

    When I stumbled upon this stuff years ago, I was immediately hooked. It is far superior to anything else I’ve tried, and is in a different league to Coleman’s. There where a very few places in my area where you could buy Taylor’s, and over the years the stockists have one by one stopped...
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    Buying a house and making an offer

    Thought I’d post this here as well. If you put an offer in to the estate agents, would you expect them to let you know if a better offer is made, in order to give you a chance to improve on your’s? Or, should you specifically ask to be kept informed? Just not sure of the protocol. Thanks

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