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    Getting back to work

    Some people never left work .. and I'm sure for many of you it's work as normal with some differences. I must say though how quiet & how blue the sky has been. It's very obvious that at some point people are going to have to go back to work. I think those that control businesses need to begin...
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    If getting over the Corona virus takes 14 days to isolate ..

    Then why aren't we all isolating for 2 weeks so we can all get on with our lives ? Isolate .. let the disease fizzle out .. disinfect mass transit and ultimately hospitals. Or am I missing something ?
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    Farm Bio Security

    Okay I've been wondering whether to post something about the possibility of this virus spreading to Cows .. thought better of it given the panic erupting .. then I saw this ??? Is this misinformation to stop rustling ???
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    German Covid 19 death rate

    One of the things that stands out in the current figures is how the German death rate from Covid 19 is far lower than other countries. I wondered if this was due to the use of Anti Virals or perhaps a lack of reporting maybe due to control of data or a language barrier. Perhaps it is how this...
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    Corona Virus & Imports

    The UK imports many goods from other countries, as far as I know mainly China, USA & EU. Many manufacturing processes in all countries rely on Chinese manufacturing. If the Corona Virus becomes an epidemic, especially in China. Where does this leave the UK and other Western countries which...
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    BBC Consultation

    Do you have an opinion on the services provided by BBC ? Have your say on the HMG consultation on decriminalising TV license evasion.
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    Legal Aid fraud I'm a bit surprised about the amounts involved in this case. A total of £12.6 million pounds of legal aid was defrauded in I think about 3 cases. The first case...
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    Why Labour and Why Now ?

    I cannot help but notice how most of the media coverage is about either the failures of Labour & Jeremy Corbyn .. or the 48 Seats won by the SNP has created a "Constitutional Crysis". Whilst both those subjects are "interesting" I'm far more concerned about the lack of positive media coverage...
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    Combat Dealers

    My father has developed an interest in the "Combat Dealers" programme on TV. On occassion I watch the show, quite fascinating in all it's different aspects. About a week ago they were looking at Nazi Posters, one of which was warning about how the black market could undermine Nazi Germany and...
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    IRL Farming Simulator (German)

    Just noticed this on Twitch .. any UK farmers up for doing something like this ?
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    Epstein & Q

    About a year ago when posts from "Q" were rife on YouTube. There was - from memory - something going around about this temple and child abuse: I thought this was in someway linked to an infamous family of bankers ? Going back to "Q" .. does this mean there is some tangible truth to some of...
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    EU and Mercosur agree huge trade deal after 20-year talks Mercosur wants to increase exports of beef, sugar, poultry and other farm products. In a statement, Brazil said the deal included eliminating tariffs on products such as orange juice, instant coffee and fruit. Meanwhile, producers of other...
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    European Election Results

    FYI. Voting for the European elections has started in some EU countries The publication of live national results and seat projections, as established by Kantar, will start on Sunday 26 May from 18:00 GMT+2 at the earliest. A first aggregated projection of the composition of the European...
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    Conservative Associations marching to their own tune So what really brought matters to a head? Who brought down the Prime Minister? There is a case to be made that it was Dinah Glover, the Chairman of the London East Conservatives. She was...
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    Trump's Oil policy

    I understand that Trump is going to open up a new Oil pipeline which will significantly boost USA Oil exports. Whilst Trump will no longer issue waivers on Iranian oil imports. Will this lead to European oil price hikes, will this harm Chinese manufacturing and will this lead to a further...
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    London "Climate" Protests

    I've found the protests in London very strange. Whilst ordinary people can't Jay walk various groups in society act "Above the Law". Case in point 100s of people disrespecting tax payers going about their lawful business. Not only costing people time and money, but causing more pollution. I...
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    John Redwoods Letter to the Attorney General 1. If we sign this Treaty we will be locked into the EU and have to obey all its rules and pay all the bills it sends us for a period of at least 21 months, and probably for 45 months if we have not surrendered further to reach an exit agreement at the 21 month...
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    Next Tory Leader

    Conservative Home Polling:
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    Janice Atkinson MEP at the Remain Protest

    Worth a listen. Didn't know we vote for a list of MEP candidates - top first. Didn't know the EU budget is currently £900 Billion.

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