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    Churches and farming

    When on holiday the OH likes to visit churches, not so much a religious thing more to soak up the architecture and local history. Called at Mildenhall on the way home yesterday to tick another one off the list. Stood in the beautifully cool nave, staring up at the carved wooden angels, I found...
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    Calling all fencing contractors in Kent
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    Do we wish to be the 51st state, or not ?

    The NFU currently have two significant campaigns on the go: 1) Opposition to the import from the US of food 'not produced to our standards'. 2) Support for the adoption of gene editing technology. On the one hand they are saying that UK agriculture should remain distinctly different, as to do...
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    Brummie Clive

    Anyone else hear Clive on r4 this morning ? Definite twang in there. I think their introduction of the "Staffordshire farmer" drags the rest of our fair county down somewhat. :) .
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    Where do we stand ?

    10 years uninterrupted use of a field. Nothing ever put in writing. Landlord saying it is a tenancy at will, so 30 days notice. google suggests to me that, as we have never signed out of the '54 act, we may have a periodic tenancy, ie 6 months notice ? Or, pushing it, does the lack of anything...
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    Small business grant scheme

    Apologies if this one already has a thread and i've not seen it. A discretionary grant from your local council if you can demonstrate loss of income due to corona. Not connected in any way to having premises registered for/ exempt from business rates.
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    Agriculture Bill 13 May

    I would urge everyone to take 5 minutes to read the below, and if you support the proposed amendments to The Agriculture Bill to send the template email to your MP. All the work has been done, it even fills in the name of your MP from your postcode, you just have to put your name to it. Even...
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    International Workers Day

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    Glyphosate and Covid 19

    Not been following these threads, so apologies if this has already been discussed. Just sharing this for information/ discussion. I have no view.
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    nasty umbilical

    Not seen this before, any advice welcomed. 48 hrs old, lamb is thriving. But it looks awful and surely going to lead to infection ? Anything to do other than repeat iodine ? TIA.
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    Loose women

    Just lambed a Dorset. Triplets; Dorset, Manx and Portland. Anyone else ever had this ?
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    Every Little Hurts
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    Just decided that I am moving to NFUland, none of this is happening there. You would have thought there was an angle worthy of comment, surely ? An appeal not to panic buy as Britain's farmers will keep the shelves full ? Some sort of recognition of the industry ? Trawled back through a weeks...
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    Lessons from Eyam

    I suspect there are others on here who went to Eyam on a school trip. I never imagined it would be of relevance in later life. They worked out, with zero medical knowledge, that they had to self isolate at a community level. Today we are being told to self isolate at a household level, and at...
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    This NFU 'produced to our standards' malarkey

    ‘Nothing should be imported in to the UK that is not produced to our environmental and welfare standards’. This has become a central tenet of the NFU’s representation of the industry. But what does it mean ? There are 1001 rules and regulations that affect UK primary food producers. With which...
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    A stable climate: grassland or trees ?

    This is being touched on in other discussions, but seems sufficiently important in the context of ELMS, meat alternatives, carbon trading and so on to warrant its own thread. Over a 100 year period, in the UK, which is the more stable and effective store of carbon; an acre of native deciduous...
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    Ecotricity and Sparsholt

    As an Ecotricity customer we have just received their newsletter, which includes details of their first 'green gas' plant at Sparsholt. My knee-jerk reaction is to be opposed to it, and to tell Ecotricity - whose...
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    Star Trek

    Dear Mr Monbiot Journalist, campaigner, farmer-basher: TFF will I imagine be compulsory reading over breakfast. Good morning. Last night I heard you speak at length for the first time. I have successfully avoided you till now, and thought I was safe in the early hours with the World Service...
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    Anyone on here attending ? Would be great to hear any snapshots, messages, from anything you hear or discuss. Thanks :)

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