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  1. bandit

    Wheel weights for a NH TS 115

    Putting it on a hedgecutter and I think ballast will be needed. I'm mid wales and I'm working to a budget. Just thought there may be some gathering dust?
  2. bandit

    385/65R 22.5

    Currently running said wheel equipment on a 14 t trailer, which seems fine on the road and probably the cheapest option but I've been wondering what I could replace the tyres with on same rims alternatively what to look at to replace with for field work. Plenty of room to go wider, it's on 8...
  3. bandit

    Berthound force 10 won't self fill

    First time I've used it tonight as far as I can see all taps right way, over 50 l in tank but I can't get any suction. Am I missing something simple [emoji848]?
  4. bandit

    Trailer insurance

    I recently had a trailer stolen, it was locked but not hooked to a vehicle and in a field, should I claim of the farm insurance or a towing vehicle insurance? Any one with experience of this willing to point me in right direction. I should say farm with one firm and vehicles with another...
  5. bandit

    Kvernaland spreader app

    Do many of you use it? On new update it's lost all my past results as well as the product list that they tested. Has anyone else found this?
  6. bandit

    Update Trimble EZ guide 250

    3.12 I think.
  7. bandit

    Tru test ezi weigh 2 charger

    Any one got one knocking about that's no use any more. Bought a scales in a sale but unfortunately no charger
  8. bandit

    advice/opinions appreciated

    Tractor is 9 months old and always had problems since day one! Many have been resolved some still there mostly in the gearbox ,manufacturer has accepted there is a problem but will not put any more money into it (I wanted a new gearbox) but would prefer to put it into a new tractor and come to...
  9. bandit

    Ts 115 Tb turbo silencer

    Hi this is an after market turbo but apparently the company is no more! Any pointers as to where I can source a silencer? It's not an NH part. Thanks in advance Bandit
  10. bandit

    Disc Conditioner Mower : Lely - Mc 2.8

    Disc Conditioner Mower : Lely - Mc 2.8 Category: Disc Conditioner Mower Manufacturer: Lely Price: £2500 Condition: Used Description: Lely mc mower 2.8 m 2005 cuts very well and rows nicely put straight to work. Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by...
  11. bandit

    Forage Trailers: Bailey - TB model

    Forage Trailers: Bailey - TB model Category: Forage Trailers Manufacturer: Bailey Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description: Sold [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via
  12. bandit

    Front Linkage : Other - Buckrake

    Front Linkage : Other - Buckrake Category: Front Linkage Manufacturer: Other Price: £2000 Condition: Used Description: Grays buckrake 9ft 2003 with extension. Contractors Done ours for last 5 years so time for s new home Images: See the full size images for this listing on the...
  13. bandit

    Lely mower conditioning lumpy

    Any tips on how to make better rows? It's a 9 ft, tried the hood in all 3 positions but it just lumps it up,to the annoyance of the forage harvester driver. Could the problem be worn conditioner tines? They have gone quite sharp! Don't want to replace them all and find it no better, as I've...
  14. bandit

    how much muck post ploughing

    Is it possible to over muck a field before ploughing ? Was thinking it may burn the roots of the grass seed and rape . Is this possible or do I just plaster it on say 15t per acre.
  15. bandit

    t6 175 electro command whine

    Any tips how to reduce the noise in the cab? It has spoilt the tractor for me and wondered are there any options available! It is new only 30 hrs and annoying already. Thanks
  16. bandit

    new Holland cb fitting advice and tips

    As above really! What is the best way to fit antenna and route cables ? T6 by the way. Thanks
  17. bandit

    Welsh dragon

    liking this! Any one know where to get one from? Spotted near builth wells today!
  18. bandit

    isolation pen/shed for 6 day stand still

    Any one got one or is it possible? I want to buy cattle in but also sell lambs twice a week ! Is there a way around this?
  19. bandit

    telephone / brodband contracts and prices

    Sim only telecom is offering 36m contract 29.99 a month includes 250 mins landline calls 60 mins to moblie and broadband! Seems a good deal as im spending this on calls alone with unicom . Any recomendations and prices?
  20. bandit

    new holland vrs valtra opinions

    Looking at t6 175 but I would have liked a smoother box and a better choice of speeds for field work without having to change ranges valtra offer the n 163 in a versu or the direct which seem smoother than the old electro command which is all thats on offer fro nh ! T7s are to big btw. Opinions...

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