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  1. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine!

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine? With intact multiflow! Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  2. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine c/w multiflow Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  3. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 415

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine for restoration! Must have multi flow intact. Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  4. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    Hi Folks I’m seeking any otherMassey 860 combine models still working in uk ? With a view of putting a database together! Im expecting very few models are now in work! We have the last model sold in uk June 1987, Any help most appreciated ?? Regards colin
  5. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 ?

    Hi Folks I’m seeking owners of Massey Ferguson 860 Combines still in use in uk today? I’m hoping to create a database of machines! Which I’m pretty sure won’t be that many now! We own the last model sold and registered in UK June 1987. Appreciate any correspondence from other owners! Regards colin
  6. jakeboy

    Massey 40 Combine

    Seeking a set of wheels and tyres for Massey 40 Combine 650/75 R 32 We have a set of 30.5 LR 32 to swap ? 07860281755
  7. jakeboy

    Combine Wheels

    Seeking 24.5 x 32 wheels and tyres for Massey 40 Combine! Any about ? Could swap for a set of 30.5 x 32 07860281755
  8. jakeboy

    Massey 40 RS

    Does anyone know if there is a narrower tyre width for the Massey 40rs The current one I’ve looked at has 30.5 LR 32 ?Regards
  9. jakeboy

    JD still earning a coin!

    Had a couple of days on this old girl last week just to finish putting Barley in, think the bonnet is off a later model? 75/6 tractor. Duncan cab.
  10. jakeboy

    CAV fuel pump?

    Morning chaps. I need to remove my CAV injection pump from a Perkins A6 engine! Do these need marking before renewal? Or are they sat on a dowel? Which mean they only fit in one position? Regards jakeboy[emoji106]
  11. jakeboy

    Diamond plough!?

    Chaps is there any likelihood of finding any spares for a Massey badged 3 furrow rev plough ? I think made by Huard! Anyone got any contacts or breaking one ! Regards jakeboy!
  12. jakeboy

    Massey 1200!

    Hi Chaps! I'm seeking a pto shaft extension piece which attaches in the axle and extends to fix to the implements!? For my 1200 ? Does anyone know of any tractors that are currently breaking? A couple of photos of a shaft that was loaned for photo purposes from a 1200 under restoration. Any help...
  13. jakeboy

    Somerset show!!

  14. jakeboy

    Massey 450s

    Does anyone know of any Massey 450s excavators being broke!! For an on going restoration! Or indeed any running order machines? Regards jakeboy 07860 281755
  15. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson Badge

    Wanted Massey Ferguson Industrial grille Badge! Anybody got one!? Jakeboy 07860281755
  16. jakeboy

    Tracked Diggers : JCB - Hymac 580D

    Tracked Diggers : JCB - Hymac 580D Category: Tracked Diggers Manufacturer: JCB Price: £3995 Condition: Used Description: Hymac 580D ideal farm machine or self build! In very good order, All glass in cab not the usual knocked about rubbish, tracks very good digs well one 4ft bucket this...
  17. jakeboy

    Vintage New Holland Gathering!

    A few snaps of a trip to my friend Barry Taylor's in Gloucestershire To help run his 3. New Hollands in August! Something we planned over 2 years ago! But hey it went all right on the night!
  18. jakeboy

    360 Degree Excavator Wanted!

    I'm looking for a 13/15 ton old Excavator any make model, for a small holding and self build project! Anything considered ! Runner preferred Colin 07860 281755!
  19. jakeboy

    Canadian combines! Somerset Lanes!!

    We'll be on our way then!
  20. jakeboy

    Bomford superflow

    Hi Chaps, the lure of the paint fumes have struck again! Just finnished me Superflow ready for first outing at Royal Bath and West Show! Happy days.

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