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  1. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine!

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine? With intact multiflow! Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  2. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine

    Thank you!
  3. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine

    Many thanks! I have 2 400s and a 410 I would like to complete line up with a 415! It would come to a good home ??
  4. jakeboy

    Massey 415 combine

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine c/w multiflow Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  5. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 415

    Seeking a Massey 415 combine for restoration! Must have multi flow intact. Genuine collector Colin 07860281755 Thank you.
  6. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    Indeed cascade separator I believe correct term, The very last machines were actually built early 1987 in Brantford, none as I’m aware ever made it to the uk they were badged Massey! only across the grain tank. Our 1985 has the three sieve shoe! As all post 85 series combines had fitted, along...
  7. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    The last build 865s were all 1986 built, I’ve never seen one or known one without the separator? We have the latest Dronny table Red bodywork and auger reverser on it! When you say Auto header control ? Are you referring to auto level? Or auto height? Or both?
  8. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    Every combine shipped into Uk in the early days came as an 860! And we’re fitted with the cascade separator system by importers peacock and binnington along with grain tank covers and alarms! RDS system. Hence the 865 badges similar to the 525 with multi flow and 520 without! If your 865 didn’t...
  9. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    Thank you! Yes I know Rob very well, he has 3 865s The 860 was less in numbers minus the cascade separator ! We have one with a 6 cylinder Perkins! Not a v8 we are told only 6 6 cylinder models made it over to uk, the others had v8 Perkins . Many thanks Colin
  10. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 !

    Hi Folks I’m seeking any otherMassey 860 combine models still working in uk ? With a view of putting a database together! Im expecting very few models are now in work! We have the last model sold in uk June 1987, Any help most appreciated ?? Regards colin
  11. jakeboy

    Massey Ferguson 860 ?

    Hi Folks I’m seeking owners of Massey Ferguson 860 Combines still in use in uk today? I’m hoping to create a database of machines! Which I’m pretty sure won’t be that many now! We own the last model sold and registered in UK June 1987. Appreciate any correspondence from other owners! Regards colin
  12. jakeboy

    Massey 40 Combine

    Seeking a set of wheels and tyres for Massey 40 Combine 650/75 R 32 We have a set of 30.5 LR 32 to swap ? 07860281755
  13. jakeboy

    Combine Wheels

    Seeking 24.5 x 32 wheels and tyres for Massey 40 Combine! Any about ? Could swap for a set of 30.5 x 32 07860281755
  14. jakeboy

    Massey 40 RS

    Does anyone know if there is a narrower tyre width for the Massey 40rs The current one I’ve looked at has 30.5 LR 32 ?Regards
  15. jakeboy

    Looking for a 780 special

    Pete keep an eye out on eBay! Sometimes they come up! Rarely make to much money! Good luck with search if I can help with bits let me know Colin
  16. jakeboy

    towing - pickups

    What will it be gents? An Isuzu? Or another l200 Barbarian ? Thoughts please!
  17. jakeboy

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Can just imagine that heading up the M4 Monday morning fair play to them! Yrs ago.
  18. jakeboy

    Doe Dual Drive

    Is that a fritsmeister cab!?
  19. jakeboy

    Doe Dual Drive

  20. jakeboy

    JD still earning a coin!

    Had a couple of days on this old girl last week just to finish putting Barley in, think the bonnet is off a later model? 75/6 tractor. Duncan cab.

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