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    So Booths....we are not key workers

    My better half has just returned from supermarket. She went to Booths only to be told key workers only. Not only NHS, which would be completely understandable. She told person on the door she was a key worker and explained we were farmers, well apparently we don't qualify as key workers...
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    Suckler cow fly control

    Sorry if been asked before but what, if anything, does everyone do for flies and stickers? Pour on, garlic licks or don't bother.
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    Straw from kings Lynn to Penrith

    Please could someone give an idea of haulage for big square bale straw Thanks
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    Situation Vacant Outdoor lambing Cumbria

    starting 10th April for approx 3 weeks lambing about 850 ewes outside, triplets inside. Will be sucklers calving at same time so extra pair hands useful. Self catered accommodation in a decent static. Any questions please ask
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    collie x kelpie pups

    As above, both parents top farm dogs ( at least I think so ) . Four left from strong litter of eight. Two dogs, two bitches. Good working homes wanted will make big strong dogs. North Cumbria Any more info please message.
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    Situation Vacant April Lamber Wanted

    Lamber wanted for indoor/outdoor lambing starting 11/04/16 for 3 weeks North Cumbria self catered static caravan provided Please contact for further details
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    Dogs and Dysect

    I currently have one dog sedated on a drip in the vets, has been since 4.00 this morning. Other dog came back after 12hrs. I spent yesterday treating lambs with dysect and loaded stuff and 2 kelpies into back of gator when finnished.What I didn't realise at the time was some dysect had spilt in...
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    logie durno tups

    sorry if this has been discussed before.... but has anyone any experience of above. Either maternal or terminal and does anyone know what sort of price to expect to pay?

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