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    Looking for a used 10/12ft Dutch Harrows Mid Wales/Borders

    Hi can only find one out on the East Coast that will cost an arm and a leg to haul back, has anybody got one used for sale closer to Mid Wales, English Border area. Thanks
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    Large amount Coppiced hedgerows for Biomass-- Value???

    We have a very large amount of overgrown reasonable straight wood coppiced off in Mid Wales / Border area.Is there a market for it to be shredded into Biomass Fuel. Can send pics/details if required
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    Smartshot B12 Injection Quote

    Anybody want to quote me for 2.5 litres of Smartshot B12 Injection by Virbrac. Thats the initial quantity needed but will be looking for more in a year . Vets prescription by myself will be needed.
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    Farmers Fresh Wales Abbatoir opening day last Saturday

    Did anybody on here go to the opening for shareholders etc in Wrexham on Saturday.
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    Experiences with lice/ Maggot pour ons

    Whats the best product for lice that also covers maggots . We will be dipping in a few weeks when shorn and a bit of wool on the sheep but want cover for now as lambs are lousy. Vectrocert, Crovect, and new product Fly Off i am told is all the same product. Anybody advise a better product.
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    To hire a mobile sheep dipper or Build a new set up

    Hi Had a bit of lice last winter and i think with the risk of injectables not being efficient considering dipping this year Up to 3k sheep perhaps. We do buy sheep in . Are there many contractors out there(Powys) for mobile. Or any plans for set ups which comply with strict rules. The latter...
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    Sheep Shearing Combs and Cutter Grinder

    Anybody got some advice on what make we should look for anybody got one for sale
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    Sheep Shearing combs and cutter sharpener. Grinder

    Any body got one for sale. Old Lister whatever as long as it works
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    Any feedback on Smartshot B12. lamb injection.

    New on the market from New Zealand. Who can import it?, vet only? cost, results etc Thanks
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    Tesco new shipment of Lamb Shared on Facebook

    Just had this message shared on facebook off several farming friends "With lamb prices down by over £20 a head from last year, we've just been told that Tesco have taken a shipment of New Zealand lamb this week when British lamb is in peak season. If you value quality food, high welfare...
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    David Brown 996 Engine

    The engine has gone on mine need an engine block as such with the inards working or will scrap mine maybe somebody is interested in a loader tractor which has not had much work over the years 1979 reg to do up if i cannot find one. Mid Wales based
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    Wanted Aberdeen Angus Calves

    Any body got batches of Aberdeen Angus sired Calves(with paperwork) preferably 20 at a time 8 weeks old or so regular supply 100 mile radius of Mid Wales. Thanks

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