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    Calf with trembling legs

    We have a calf which is around six weeks old. It was well but yesterday Couldn’t stand. When we stand it up it seems to have uncontrollable shaking trembling of the legs particularly the back ones. when sat down it looks fine and the head and neck don’t tremble. Eyes are fine. No temperature...
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    Software for Suckler cow herd.

    How do others keep track of any barren cows or heifers in a suckler herd, if they are not physically working with the animals daily. I have sucklers which are in a few locations in another village, looked after by a good stockman. I do paperwork for them CTS. etc. I am busy with arable...
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    MT 765b electrical problem.

    I have been having intermittent problems with my aircon cutting out. Whilst checking fuses and relays relating to that I noticed that the relays are almost too hot to touch, which is worrying. Does anyone know what could cause the relays to run hot?
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    John Deere 6910 Autoquad gear change problem.

    As per the title, when started from cold our 6910 often won’t shift up or down on the 1-4 shifts, causing the gearbox to be out of synch with the dash readout; which then flashes, and the tractor has to be switched off and restarted to allow any shifts to be attempted again. If the tractor is...
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    Welger RP435 pickup cam

    Could anyone tell me the type of bearings used on the end of each pickup tine bar to run around the cam. I am rebuilding mine and the bearings have disappeared?
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    Noisy Merlo gearbox.

    As per the title, I have just bought a 28.7, as a second telehandler to back up our P40.7. It had a grumbling noise which I knew about. I am fairly sure that it is coming from the high gear in the two speed gearbox, and wonder whether anyone else has experienced a similar issue or had to...
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    Reducing horsepower by direct drilling.

    Moving over to direct drilling can enable big reductions in overall horsepower requirements on the farm.
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    Kuhn Alterna gearbox removal

    we are trying to remove the top gearbox at the back of the drawbar. All the mounting bolts are out but it is still solid. Has anyone done this job? Do we need to remove the bottom one first to free it? I believe there is a Uj coupling between the two within the swivel arrangement. Any pointers...
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    Replacement ride on Diesel lawnmower

    We have a 15 year old John Deere GX355 Diesel ride on mower, which we are thinking of replacing. I wondered what opinions people have of the replacement JD X950r or a Kubota G23/26. Any other makes I should look at. My elderly mother uses it a lot, so must have power steering/ powered deck...
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    RT Farm Assurance no longer required by British Sugar.

    As above. I had a farm assurance inspection recently, and was told that nothing to do with Sugar Beet was being inspected because British Sugar no longer require FA!
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    JD6910 PTO won't engage.

    I have been using my 6910 on a power harrow drill without a problem. Today I put it on a round baler which entailed changing from 100 to 540 Pto speed. When I got to the field and turned on the Pto the orange warning light for the pto just flashed all the time. That is what usually happens if...
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    Becoming like the Wild West out there.

    I went out to carry on cutting beans first thing this morning, to find that somebody had smashed the cab door on the combine, stolen the contents, and discharged the fire extinguisher around the cab interior. Thus it's been an uncomfortable days work today. Although a friend made me a...
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    Teejet matrix pro 570gs

    I have a Teejet matrix on my sprayer for section control but this year the trace on the screen is wandering so quickly as to be completely inaccurate for section control running into the headland. Last week it was about 30m. Out after 80 minutes. Has anyone else had this problem? GNSS receiver...
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    Welger RP435 Netting issue

    Has anyone solved the problem with this type of baler where the guide flaps on the net intake flick onto the wrong side of the roller when baling rough ground?
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    Kuhn alterna 400 Gearbox

    We have a Kuhn Alterna with an oil leak on the top gearbox at the rear of the drawbar/pivot assembly. Having removed the four bolts and the front driveshaft coupling the box still seems to be solidly attached to the frame. Does anyone know what could be holding the box to the frame please?
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    Challenger mt765 B,C, or D?

    I am considering purchasing a used challenger MT765. One of the above models; and would like to know from experienced owners/operators whether any of the above models are particularly worth seeking out or avoiding, and if so why. We have experience of older steel tracked crawlers, but nothing...
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    JD6310 Gaining Engine Oil

    i have a friend who thinks his 6310 is constantly gaining engine oil whilst reducing the level in the back end. Is there anywhere on the tractor where the oils could cross contaminate? For instance on the oil cooler. I assumed this would not be possible but wondered whether anyone knows...
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    Case Puma hydraulics

    We have a 2012 Case Puma which is not producing full pressure through the spool valves. Does anyone know whether it has a pressure relief valve which could stick. If so is it cleanable and where is it located?
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    Sugar Beet price for 2017/18

    As above, does anyone know a timeline for the price announcement for next years crop. I would like to get on with planning next years rotation, but need to decide whether that will include Sugar Beet. I took a holiday this year.
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    Laboratory to test a sand sample.

    Can anyone supply me with details of a lab which could test a sample of sand from a menage to ascertain what type of sand has been supplied. We have built a menage, with silica sand supplied by an equestrian surface company. After a years use and regular rolling and levelling it still does not...

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