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  1. Kildare

    Ford bronco

    I think it's great. Good prices too starting at 27k dollars. It will sell like hotcakes.
  2. Kildare

    Why don't dealers get back to you?!

    The thing is if your willing to pay the going price for anything you can deal easily. The problem is when you will only buy if your getting a bargain you might annoy a lot of people going around looking and getting prices and buying little. We have a very good web site in Ireland for selling and...
  3. Kildare

    Discovery 4 vs Touareg

    No matter what brand you buy you will need to low 1000 a year for repairs. 3 litre tourag is best I hear. Ml are OK except for water getting into Sam unit. Discovery are very nice but run the risk of engine seizing. Probably one is as good as the other all considering.
  4. Kildare

    Best Chaser bin setup

    Cross engineering make a huge one with two augers. Can be used as a drill filler. Seed and fert.
  5. Kildare

    Speed sensor socket for new Holland

    I have a basic new holland. The cheapest option was to put a sensor on the rear wheel reading off the studs. 110 euro. Works well with the bogballe spreader.
  6. Kildare

    Speed sensor socket for new Holland

    Thanks. I will get the speed sensor for the front drive shaft so.
  7. Kildare

    Speed sensor socket for new Holland

    I have a new Holland 6080 with radar but it does not have this socket with speed output which I need for a fertiliser spreader. Is there a plug on the loom I can connect with. I know I can buy a kit that attaches to axle but would prefer not to.
  8. Kildare

    Range Rover 50th Aniversary

    Maybe he meant Fiat instead of fist
  9. Kildare

    Fiat syncro gearbox question.

    Linkage or selectors worn. Lads used to break selectors when they were worn on the 110 90
  10. Kildare

    Farmers burning plastic !

    It's ridiculous the amount of plastic used in farming. Silage bale's are the worst. With planning bulk silage fertiliser and seed could be used. In America chemicals are delivered in returnable kegs.
  11. Kildare

    There goes half a tonne of barley!

    Can you see the whole story is in jest to amuse us. [emoji1]
  12. Kildare

    Pure fekwits compete for the Darwin awards in Ireland

    In the 70s there was a young lad sitting on the hood of a double chop harvester when it was working. The driver heard the tractor giving a growl and looked around and the lad was gone.
  13. Kildare

    Duetz Argotron 165 mrk3 transmission oil leak

    Well done. A experienced mechanic is worth his weight in gold imo. We have a guy and he knows the new Holland s inside out and knows what fails. With the knowledge he can do a repair very quickly.
  14. Kildare

    Clarkson the farmer

    The difference with Clarkson and the rest is people will listen to him because he is amusing. Eg. Heard him say he didn't plough and did min till because its better for environmen. But round up is essential and it not liked by environment's. So you can't win. [emoji4]
  15. Kildare

    Lower link arms postion on a trailed sprayer

    Very good suggestion. I have a friend who has successfully put a hyd motor on his sprayer and fertiliser spreader. Very safe. He has a fendt and can programme the tractor to pump a constant 30 lts or whatever is needed. I suppose you could regulate the new Holland with the twist valves on rear.
  16. Kildare

    New Holland Combine - 24v start

    No problem at all.
  17. Kildare

    New Holland Combine - 24v start

    2003 CX here and it was always draining battery s. Changed to a new isolate switch and still the same. If one battery is knackered you really need to replace both. I disconnect batteries now when not in use.
  18. Kildare

    Lower link arms postion on a trailed sprayer

    Dose not clear pto shaft as its a high pump . Used to remove linkage but it's a pain if I need tractor for hay. Just want to see what others do
  19. Kildare

    Lower link arms postion on a trailed sprayer

    What do you with the linkage Arms when the sprayer is towed on the hitch. Leave them up and you will foul the pto shaft at some point Leave them down and you can drag a bit of crop.

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