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  1. the-mad-welder

    Planning Amendment

    Do we need one? Planning was passed earlier in the year for a house extension. We were going to have aluminium windows and it was passed on this basis. We might now want to go for UPVC to get the project back within budget. The rest of the house is already UPVC so do we need an amendment to...
  2. the-mad-welder

    Q Fit Brackets

    If anyone is interested I have some one piece profiled ones from 25mm plate for £70 ex vat per pair. Delivery £12 ex vat to most UK postcodes, subject to checking it. I have some left over that are a bit rusty, hence the price, nothing major that a quick clean would not sort out. I also...
  3. the-mad-welder

    Abrasive Discs

    I've had a re-stock of discs and thought i'd put them all in one thread rather than try to update all the original ones as some prices have changed a little. It'll also be easier to mix and match this way. All prices exclude VAT and delivery. Delivery cost is dependent on weight and delivery...
  4. the-mad-welder

    13.6 x 38 & 12.4 x 24 Wheels and Tyres

    Dad insisted these had a thread of their own, he's worried they'll get lost amongst my crap!! Measurements to the best of my ability/knowledge!! Pair of 13.6 x R38 Taurus tyres, somewhere about 60% tread. 8x 32mm holes on an 8"PCD with a 140mm centre hole. The centres have unfortunately been...
  5. the-mad-welder

    the-mad-welder's New Year Declutter!

    As per title, thanks for the inspiration @bobk and @Will 1594! And apparently its the done thing to tag serial hoarders @Dave W and @Nearly I've put a few random pics on here, please PM for pictures if anything sounds remotely interesting!! Collection from IP31 3BE preferred, I'd rather...
  6. the-mad-welder

    eBay Parcel

    Short version--sold a set of brackets on October 15th, packaged and sent them and they were delivered on 18th October. Signed for at point of delivery, surname matches recipient surname. Fast forward to today, message via eBay asking where their brackets are. I've passed on the tracking info...
  7. the-mad-welder

    Weld On Loader Brackets

    Updated prices for the coming year.
  8. the-mad-welder

    M12 x 25 Countersunk Bolts, Approx 1500 of them!

    Any interest in the above? Black socket head bolts, there may be a few 30mm long ones mixed in for good luck!! Weighs in at about 43kg, collection from IP31 3BE preferred but can deliver if required. £25 ex vat
  9. the-mad-welder

    240v Straight Line Gas Cutter and Track

    Selling this as I have not really used it since buying my CNC cutter. All seems to be working fine, moves both directions, speeds up and slows down and torch adjustment working in all directions. Comes with a 1x 6' length and 1x 3' length of track. Could possibly benefit from new hoses and...
  10. the-mad-welder

    Tyrolit 9"/230mm x 2mm Cutting Discs

    Tyrolit 9"/230mm x 2mm Cutting Discs In packs of 10, 25, or 50, expiry date of 2022. 10x discs £22 25x discs £45 50x discs £83 Prices include vat and delivery to most UK postcodes. Some Areas/Postcodes may attract a delivery surcharge, these are listed below. If you are located within any of...
  11. the-mad-welder

    Norton Neon 40 Grit Zirconium Flap Discs

    Norton Neon 40 Grit Flap Discs in packs of 10 discs. £10.80 per pack inc vat. Can send one or two packs via Royal Mail 2nd Class for £3.50 to UK postcodes. Can quote for delivery of larger quantities, just let me know a postcode.
  12. the-mad-welder

    Norton Blaze 115mm Rapid Strip Discs

    Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs You can buy one or several, no minimum order! They are £5 each ex vat, £6 inc vat Between one and ten discs would cost £4.50 inc vat to deliver via Royal Mail 2nd Class Singed For. Happy to quote for more than ten discs if required...
  13. the-mad-welder

    Dronco Attack 115mm x 1mm Thin Inox Cutting Discs

    Back in stock!! Dronco Attack 4.1/2"/115mm x 1mm cutting discs. In packs of 25 discs. Expiry date 2022 25x £14.50 50x £26 100x £50 Larger quantities by quotation. Prices include VAT & Delivery to most UK mainland postcodes. 25 or 50 discs are sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class, larger...
  14. the-mad-welder

    Z Purlins

    Looking for a price on 10x 20ft x 6"/150mm deep purlins, unpunched with no holes. Delivered to IP31 3BE please Thanks in advance Regards Paul
  15. the-mad-welder

    Z Purlins

    Looking for 10 new or used 20' Z purlins, ideally 150mm/6" deep. The closer to Suffolk the better!!
  16. the-mad-welder

    CNC Plasma Cut Christmas Trees

    CNC plasma cut Christmas trees from 3mm mild steel. Left as bare metal for you to paint or leave to go rusty. I also have two galvanised ones left. Approx 700mm tall to the top of the star. Removable star and dismantles for easy storage. £45 each, collected from Walsham le Willows, IP31 3BE...
  17. the-mad-welder

    Mass Clear Out of Nuts and Bolts!! No Reasonable Offer Refused!!

    I'm having a bit of a purge on stuff and have loads of nuts and bolts to clear as i'm not going to use them. In lots, as follows:- 1- 55kg mixed M24, countersunk, cap heads, hex head and lock nuts mainly. 2- 100kg mixed M20 countersunk, cap heads and hex head bolts mainly. 3- 12kg M18 hex head...
  18. the-mad-welder

    115mm x 1mm Thin Cutting Discs

    InterGrind 115mm x 1mm A46TBF cutting discs, expiry 2022. £11 ex vat per box of 25. Delivery by quotation, dependent on postcode and quantity. PM for more details.
  19. the-mad-welder

    Loader Brackets

    Various weld on loader brackets. Please see list for ex vat prices. Collection from Walsham-le-Willows welcome or can quote for delivery based on your postcode.
  20. the-mad-welder

    Set of HD Pin & Cone Brackets

    I have a set of heavy duty pin and cone brackets from a cancelled job. £90 ex vat, they'd need collecting from Walsham-le-Willows, IP31 3BE ideally as they are chuffin' heavy and would be expensive to deliver.

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