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  1. Hazzard

    Changing water supplier

    Can anyone recommend a good, honest water company that I can switch to? Am with everflow, bunch of incompetant numpties.
  2. Hazzard

    Fordson super major steering

    Has anyone had experience of the steering mechanism on a super major please? Having difficulty getting the steering rod from inside the steering box. thanks in advance.
  3. Hazzard


    Any idea where I can find a nearly new/refurbed 35/40 kva alternator to fit on to an engine?
  4. Hazzard

    2/3 furrow reversible plough

    Looking for 2/3 furrow rev plough for a fordson major any about?
  5. Hazzard


    Can anyone recommend a decent alternative to very very slow wire-fed broadband? Thinking satellite or similar.
  6. Hazzard

    Fordson Super Major

    Want a Super Major, must have a good working rear end with good hydraulics and brakes. Mudguards and good tinwork. TIA. Pics would be good !
  7. Hazzard

    Gardner water pump bearing

    I have an old Gardner engine which needs a water pump bearing. The housing is alloy and will need warming to accept the bearing. Question is how hot dare I heat thinking indirect heat from gas torch but any suggestions will be very helpful. TIA.
  8. Hazzard

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: CLAAS - Dominator 76

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: CLAAS - Dominator 76 Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: CLAAS Price: £4850 Condition: Used Description: Dominator 76 for sale due to retirement and a bit of ill health. Great little combine done about 60 + acres for me for a few...
  9. Hazzard


    My daughter and family live in a 7 bed 19th century house in a town and they have rats in the house ! They have been getting in via the back door step ( needs renewing they know ), have called professional vermin people in who just lay poison consequently the ground floor stinks of dead rats and...
  10. Hazzard


    Mrs H says she can't find any decent sprouts in the shops yet. Is she a bit early or is there a supply issue with them ?
  11. Hazzard

    Price of electric

    Anyone any idea what price I should be paying for electric supply? Just coming to end of 3 year contract with npower at 12.3p/unit, using about £1200.00 per year on small farm. Had offer of 11.3p/unit from british gas for 1 year. TIA
  12. Hazzard

    Debt recovery

    I used to have small sausage production business and would send product to London to a small cafe in Portobello. This started 7 years ago and payment was always on the nail, 4 weeks later. Then in July 2014 payment was late and it went on for 3 months with me still sending produce ordered by...
  13. Hazzard

    Harvest help

    Hi all, I've finished my bit of harvest and wonder if anyone in 6/7 mile radius of Shawbury in north Shropshire wants a bit of help if the rain ever ceases. Have a 12' Dominator. PM me if interested.
  14. Hazzard

    Donations for a charity

    Hi Everyone In April 2014 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, no symptoms just a lucky blood test for PSA count. I had 37 treatments of radiotherapy at the Lingen Davies radiotherapy unit in Shrewsbury hospital and am on an ongoing treatment of hormone therapy. No surgery thankfully and am now...
  15. Hazzard

    Culvert pipe

    I'm putting an 18" concrete pipe in a ditch to make a culvert for access into a field. Base of ditch is clay, width of ditch top to top is 8 feet and the top of the pipe is only 1.5 feet from the required finished level of roadway through to the field. Sides of the pipe have been filled with...
  16. Hazzard

    Tramline kit

    Am looking for a retro fit tramline kit for an old but good Nordsten 3m box drill. Had one on a former drill which was electric but can't remember the name. Any ideas please ?
  17. Hazzard


    Hi, am looking for transport to get a hedge cutter from near Sennybridge to Shrewsbury next week if possible. Thanks H
  18. Hazzard

    Meat business for sale

    Due to ill health I am wanting to sell my meat business. We mostly make sausages which are sold in some Waitrose and Mid Counties Coop stores as well as sales at Farmers' Markets local to Shropshire. Products are premium quality, own branded, in quality packaging. This would suit a young...
  19. Hazzard

    Wheat after long grass ley

    Am going to plough up grass that has been down for at least 30 years and had no fert for about 8. Plan is for wheat. Soil samples taken today and fert/lime will be applied accordingly but am wondering if i shall have problems with the turf rotting and its effect on the crop. Am aware to treat...
  20. Hazzard

    area meter

    anyone got experience of hollins applications area meter ? are they easy to fit, accurate etc ?

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