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  1. BobGreen

    Silage trailer height

    Designing a roof to go over a clamp for grant. Having a few problems with planning as they don’t want to go higher than 20’ at the eaves though it will be 30’ in the middle After some idea of heights of silage trailer when tipped. That is large trailers as used by contractors
  2. BobGreen

    Oldest tractor on our run

    Oldest tractor on our annual run yesterday
  3. BobGreen

    CAD software

    Recommended software for design and drawing of structural steelwork ?
  4. BobGreen

    Tractor theft Garstang Lancs

    Two JD tractors and trailer stolen last night. One loaded onto low loader trailer and pulled by the other through a field and away on the A6
  5. BobGreen

    Steel Preston Lancs to Marlborough Wiltshire

    10 tonne steel from Lancs to Marlborough Wiltshire Longest lengths 25 ‘ Early next week
  6. BobGreen

    Cambridgeshire Building

    A few pictures of a recent building completed in Cambridgeshire 100’ x 100’ Double span 20’ eaves
  7. BobGreen

    PDF crashing

    When I open a pdf in Adobe it stalls and doesn’t respond for perhaps 20 seconds and then opens. Likewise when closing it doesn’t respond for a while and then closes Bloody frustrating. Any ideas anyone ?
  8. BobGreen

    Navara Milestone

    Exactly 3years old today 100,000 miles TWo sets of rear tyres One set of front tyres One battery Three sets of front pads and discs Two CD players Average 32 mpg over all journeys including some towing
  9. BobGreen


    Any one know why the post 2017 models have a fuel filler on both sides of body ?
  10. BobGreen

    Double monitors

    I am thinking of getting another monitor to make it easier to work on one screen while keeping another page on view How do I go about it ?
  11. BobGreen

    New parlour

    Got some building work to do to convert a building for a 10/20 parlour. Not got plans yet. Any info helpful as to length of pit needed and width of standings
  12. BobGreen

    Wiltshire building

    New cattle building finished just in time ! 180 x 60
  13. BobGreen

    Atcost building

    Would a demolition shear on a digger cut through the concrete rafters on a Atcost building ?
  14. BobGreen

    Wiltshire Building

    180 x 60 building underway in Marlborough Wiltshire
  15. BobGreen

    CAD and drawing software

    Any recommendations for drawing and design software ?
  16. BobGreen

    Broken down van Essex to Lancashire

    Van blown up in Essex Any trucks going north empty this week ? Can load with forklift
  17. BobGreen

    ICE phone number

    Just a thought that came to me late last night when sons were out on the town till silly o’clocK Remember hearing once that we should all programme a number in our mobiles in case of emergency’s As iPhone have a passcode to enter to use how would any emergency services gain access to a...
  18. BobGreen

    Ifor Plant Trailer Stolen Essex

    Just been told by customer that my plant trailer has been stolen from site in Essex Is it even worth informing police ?
  19. BobGreen

    Latest building

  20. BobGreen

    University Fees

    Some advice required. I have one son hoping to go to uni this year to study economics and another next year hoping to go to study to be a vet My question is to anyone who has or had children at university. How do you pay the costs involved ? Is creative accounting a way of maximising any...

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