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  1. unlacedgecko

    Sanderson 726 Telehandler Alternator

    Does anyone know the part number please? The text has rubbed off mine. TIA
  2. unlacedgecko

    How far apart to be separate sites?

    So more than 2000 pigs on one site needs extra planning etc. How far apart do sheds need to be in order to constitute separate sites?
  3. unlacedgecko

    Round Bale Straw Outside

    From harvest I’ll be storing 1200ish round bales of barley straw outside on concrete. What’s the best/most economical way of weather proofing them?
  4. unlacedgecko

    Long Keep Store Lambs

    Where’s best for the above?
  5. unlacedgecko

    Shed Washing

    Any recommendations to provide the above in North Lincolnshire please?
  6. unlacedgecko

    Broadcast Turnips in Standing Maize

    Is it possible? Anyone have any experience to share?
  7. unlacedgecko

    Concrete panels

    Have an old shed with steel stanchions. 4.8m between stanchions, but some have been repaired with concrete. I want concrete panels to a height of 1.5m to fill 26x gaps between stanchions. Any recommendations to supply and fit? I'm in Lincolnshire near Market Rasen.
  8. unlacedgecko

    AHBD advertising and Vegans.

    interesting stats there.
  9. unlacedgecko

    Bridleway Gates

    I’m putting in some electric fence subdivisions. Several do across bridle ways. What’s the most cost effective way to put a gate in?
  10. unlacedgecko

    Mobile Handling System Hire

    I'm after hiring one next week, and then again in a fortnight. Anyone know of any available in Lincs area? Will obviously be pressure washed and disinfected before return.
  11. unlacedgecko

    Telehandler bale spreader

    Now I've got a telehandler I obviously want a value spreader to go on it. Currently using 6 string Hestons. What's best value?
  12. unlacedgecko

    Pig Auto Drafter

    Does such a thing exist? Can pigs be put through a race and a weigh crate like sheep?
  13. unlacedgecko

    2nd hand telehandler for less than £10k

    Is this realistic? For use approx 1hr per day feeding and bedding up.
  14. unlacedgecko

    Good Welfare?

    Should this cow have been rebred? Is this practice in keeping with the "highest animal welfare standards in the world"?
  15. unlacedgecko

    Farm Manager worth

    Interesting article
  16. unlacedgecko

    Vets against docking and castrating of lambs
  17. unlacedgecko

    Contact finishing for Mosey pigs

    What's the collective experience of the above?
  18. unlacedgecko

    Home pig mix

    I got a couple of saddleback pigs for Xmas. What’s the best home made ration for them? Don’t want to keep feeding grower pellets as their too expensive and will make the pigs too fat. Cheers.
  19. unlacedgecko

    Grazing cover crop available

    Oats vetch and raddish. Available now till 28 Feb. 120ha, will keep 900 x 50kg sheep. I'll do the fencing and lookering. DM or call me to discuss 07842 071126
  20. unlacedgecko

    TB4 Contract Heifer Grazing Available

    Approx 200 acres from this spring. PM to discuss.

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