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  1. Princess Pooper

    AI flask top-up fees

    Letter from Genus this morning, liquid nitrogen top up for AI flask increasing from £41 to £81 per visit. DIY AI. What is anyone else paying and who are they using?
  2. Princess Pooper

    Greatest Online Agricultural Show - tomorrow!! Anyone going? Anyone entered any classes? Looks like fun, think I'll take a couple of hours out, deserve a treat. Social distancing guaranteed! All for good charitable causes. See you there!
  3. Princess Pooper

    Silage clamp covers

    Looking at investing in the heavy duty silage clamp covers, time we moved away from humping tyres and not sure contractors will be too happy to do it this year with social distancing etc. How has anyone got on with the various brands, secure covers, galebreaker etc?
  4. Princess Pooper

    Selling calves to an Approved finishing unit

    Might be selling some weaned calves to an AFU, not done this before. Given that they are over 42 days, do they need to have been TB tested in last 60 days? Thanks
  5. Princess Pooper

    TB testing and Covid 19

    New guidance around TB testing under current conditions - mainly about what happens if vet capacity falls too low due to isolations etc.
  6. Princess Pooper

    Drone chasing cattle

    Saw this - someone having a 'play' chasing heifers around and making them gad. There is a plea to try and pin down the location. Legitimate and legal drone users want this guy found and prosecuted for being so irresponsible and acting outside the law. Does anyone recognise the location?
  7. Princess Pooper

    Cancelled NHS appointments

    I unfortunately have a lot of medical appointments for outpatient consultations, blood tests etc. Very good texting service from both GP and local hospital now as a reminder, which is great and hopefully reduces the number of no-shows. Slightly annoying today though, I had phoned the required...
  8. Princess Pooper

    Production Index - Holsteins

    How is a production index calculated? (not PLI or PIN) :unsure:The context is some pedigree Holsteins that have come back with a Superior Production Award from Holstein UK - first time we have had some. The HUK website tells us that eligibility for a SP Award is either kg of f & p (700 for a...
  9. Princess Pooper

    Duchy of Cornwall ITV

    Apologies if this is elsewhere and the programme is half way through as I type but it's really interesting, no doubt will be available on ITV hub. part 1 of 2 and it's...
  10. Princess Pooper

    Environment Agency Waste Soils Campaign

    Anyone else had a letter out of the blue about this? Addressed to the farm but our business name not on it. Says it has 'come to their attention that we have been involved in the processing of waste soil (which includes either producing it, transporting it or disposal of waste)'. We haven't -...
  11. Princess Pooper

    Generator installed capacity

    Daft question, filling in a bloomin business rates form. An E3120, is the generator installed capacity 50 or 80KW?
  12. Princess Pooper

    How are things for you compared with last year?

    Last year was a year from hell for many of us, with trying to keep cows fed and worries about winter forage stocks. We fed a lot more straw and just about scraped through after basically 12" rain in the 12 months. I appreciate that for some that had more rain, last year was bliss. This year...
  13. Princess Pooper

    Help! Confused - Mid Tier application options locations on application form

    Finally getting to the end of a lengthy Mid Tier application (NOT the OFFERS). We have several options that can be (but don't have to be) rotational, e.g. AB1 nectar flower mix, AB9 winter bird feed. We know which fields they will be located for year 1 and have identified some others where they...
  14. Princess Pooper

    sulphur testing grass

    Where does anyone send fresh grass testing specifically for sulphur? Have looked at Eurofins and Lancrop and can't see it on their lists. About 8 years since we last did it, I thought we did it with Eurofins.
  15. Princess Pooper

    Alcock and Brown

    Embarrassed to say I've only just come across them. 100 years ago this weekend. There's some good stuff on the BBC website including more background, but the Wiki account is probably the most hair raising. I'll leave it to other ignoramouses like me to look them up, the more learned amongst you...
  16. Princess Pooper

    Putin's farmer

    Came across this, mainly dairying but no doubt of wider interest. Sobering analysis of the effect of sanctions (!) and the scale and professionalism of farming in modern Russia.
  17. Princess Pooper

    Red Tractor consultation

    Yet another tightening of red tractor being proposed. Although I agree with some of it and we already cover most of it off in our herd health plan, some of these requirements are getting just a tad irritating. So as a 2 person operation they are now suggesting we have to document our cleaning...
  18. Princess Pooper

    Solar farms in Herefordshire

    So, Boris has an article today in The Telegraph, in which he gushes about 'serried ranks of solar panels' in Herefordshire seen this over the weekend, 'in field after field'. Although I know the county fairly well, I've not driven much in Herefordshire in recent years, so perhaps someone more...
  19. Princess Pooper

    BBC online forecasts

    Does anyone else look at these? The static (not video) ones that give an hour by hour breakdown for up to a fortnight ahead? They are SO misleading. I am looking at Fri 14th as I have a day out that day. The 'headline' is light rain with a light breeze. When I look at the detail, the only...
  20. Princess Pooper

    5G network and farming

    Did anyone else see this? A friend pointed it out to me.

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