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  1. onthehoof

    530/70 hitch

    Won’t work, have flicked switch on dash sounds like oil is pumping but won’t lift to release latch,maybe a tiny movement but nothing more, is there a fuse for the hitch/ electric solenoid? Headstock hydraulics work fine
  2. onthehoof

    ID this grass please

    Initial thoughts are rough stalked meadow grass, leaves have rough underside like sandpiper, last pic taken after cutting
  3. onthehoof

    Enhanced overwinter stubble

    Could someone remind me of the date we can cultivate please
  4. onthehoof

    Electric prices

    Up for renewal, are prices coming down, do business plans tend to be cheaper? Thanks
  5. onthehoof

    Claas Atos error code

    Occasionally get error code T64 and tractor won’t move, switch off and on again and it’s fine, any ideas??
  6. onthehoof

    Krone easycut pressure spring setting

    Had a new mower last year and the setting pin was in the far left hole when you stand behind mower which seemed to cut fine, when/why would you need to move pin to the right to increase ground pressure
  7. onthehoof

    Plant id

    Got this plant growing in hayfield thought it was Meadowsweet but the leaves are quite different, it’s growing in one thick clump, hope it is nothing foreign.
  8. onthehoof

    Contract finishing cattle

    Anyone send their cattle elsewhere to be finished rather than sell them as stores, what are rough costs involved
  9. onthehoof

    EF22 Extended over wintered stubble

    What is earliest this can be sprayed off now, think the date changed a couple of years ago?
  10. onthehoof

    Cow swallowed truck key

    I’m pretty sure as think I lost it in a feed ring and it’s not there and one of the cows is pinging the metal detector :oops:, so will it pass through naturally :scratchhead:
  11. onthehoof

    Spraying near footpath

    Need to spray some thistles in a grass field with footpath running diagonally across it, what are the rules please
  12. onthehoof

    Easy calving ebv’s

    What’s people’s experience of buying an ‘easy calving’ bull, while there is always going to be the odd difficult calving are figures generally accurate?
  13. onthehoof

    St Ives Hunts cattle market 1877

    Found this article today and thought folk might find it interesting, sorry for photo quality.
  14. onthehoof

    Is there still a grant available on direct drills?

    As above thanks
  15. onthehoof

    NH 5040

    The shuttle lever (forward/reverse) has always been stiff when changing direction but now got so it’s difficult to engage in either direction can’t see how I can lubricate it anywhere, clutch is fine when pulling away, is it clutch or gearbox problem, same tractor as Case cx90 I think
  16. onthehoof

    What can’t we do if anything

    So as food producers and a vital industry are there any jobs we used to do that we now can’t i.e. routine maintenance, tree work, fencing, chain harrowing - not essential in their own right but not causing harm if working alone on own land
  17. onthehoof

    Ifor Williams dp12

    Anyone know of anyone breaking these, need a side inspection door (top one)
  18. onthehoof

    Best undersowing method

    Would like to have a go at undersowing spring barley with grass next year, heavyish clay will be topdowned in autumn and barley drilled as soon as conditions allow following spring, when/how would you sow grass?
  19. onthehoof

    Could we copy the Dutch

    Article in this week’s FG about how the Dutch dammed a bay of the North Sea to create Lake IJssel - a freshwater reservoir used to hold floodwater from inland rivers and also used for irrigation during summer, could we not do this here with the Wash, it is perfectly placed near to most of the...
  20. onthehoof

    Leaf springs vs indespension on trailer

    Pros and cons of both please

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