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  1. Shovelhands

    Kevs diary

    But you said the other day that you’d sent Pete off to sow some wild oats? If you don’t sell them, then what on earth was he sowing?.....
  2. Shovelhands


    that is pretty much Kev‘s daily attire, apart from the fact it’s usually a hot pink sweater. So I think they’d look right at home. Has he not sent you the company uniform yet then?
  3. Shovelhands

    Project for Pete or Shovelhands

    N631GEX andrew beat me to it, I shall go back my cave now.....
  4. Shovelhands

    Kevs diary

    Urgent call this morning from the boss ( @Kevtherev ), “you best get the A out, lime to spread!“..... Off I went to kick the tyres and light the fires, so to speak, she fired up like it was just running, good old girl (y) And off I set, the commander of operations (kev) had given me the...
  5. Shovelhands

    JCB AgriPro DuelTech Variable transmission, anyone using one?

    No, not much at the moment
  6. Shovelhands

    JCB AgriPro DuelTech Variable transmission, anyone using one?

    Have you checked the tracking on the rear axle? although the tyre wear may simply be due to it being driven on the rear axle when in 2WD?
  7. Shovelhands

    JCB AgriPro DuelTech Variable transmission, anyone using one?

    dualtec going well, had a couple of what looked like major oil leaks, but were only O rings, and caused by nothing more than someone not tightening up the respective fittings! Which is very annoying, and another story. But not a fault of the transmission, mine was simply not assembled with care...
  8. Shovelhands

    farmers dating

  9. Shovelhands

    Counting with pictures.

    Yes I’ve made a complete fudge up of it all, now I’ve deleted it and realised I’ve fudged it up even more. I shall hide in the corner
  10. Shovelhands

    Kevs diary

    But are hers bouncing though? Kev and Pete were aiming to offer baps bouncing 24/7, quite an ambitious plan I think....
  11. Shovelhands

    Kevs diary

    oh no, that ones called Pete and Kev‘s Bouncing Baps, but they have had to put that scheme on hold, as they were struggling to attract staff for the venture.
  12. Shovelhands

    Kevs diary

    he couldn’t call it Pete and Kevs Budget Bangers, Kev has already used the name for their fledgling sausage business! It’s a roaring success apparently, although I’m not sure why they are ‘budget’?.....maybe they have some questionable ingredients?
  13. Shovelhands

    Word Association

  14. Shovelhands

    Word Association

  15. Shovelhands

    Word Association

  16. Shovelhands

    things that make you smile

    @bovrill , you’re a very bad man......
  17. Shovelhands

    Word Association

  18. Shovelhands


    I reckon the wheel has come off, then It was good night Vienna....
  19. Shovelhands

    Non Agri Wreckers

    The system won’t lock out if your moving, you have to use the operator abilities and judgment if it’s on the move, he may have run out of talent? Anyhow, it’s hardly boomed out at all, I think speed and momentum caught him out a bit, and once it’s going and panic sets in, your fooked...
  20. Shovelhands

    Word Association


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