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  1. Shavings man

    T2o clutch

    Hi hope alls well with you guys .got a t20 petrol nice little tractor but today started up fine put trailer on then found when let clutch out it grabbed halfway and was out no inbetween if you get me ? Had topper on this afternoon been exactly the same let out half way then bang your off ...
  2. Shavings man

    Cordless grinder

    Hi all .anyone got a cordless grinder ? I have a 18 v hitachi drill which very pleased with it as 1.5 batterys and was wondering if they would be any good for grinder ? Regards Richard.
  3. Shavings man

    Baling twine

    Hi all. need couple of reels of twine for tying bags with who do you guys recommend? Thanks.
  4. Shavings man

    Waterproof jacket

    Hi all anybody using wax coats these days or have you found better? Looking to get good jacket or smock any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Shavings man

    Audi q7

    Hi all hope all's well. Anyone had any experience with the audi q7 good or bad towing ECT? Thanks in advance Richard.
  6. Shavings man

    Rice trailer

    Hi all , Got an old rice trailer looks like the front wheel is not running true keeps wearing inside edge of tyre out in no time get about 7/ 800 mile out of new tyre before needs replacing ! Anybody else had this problem with a trailer ? Will it be case of replacing full axle ? Regards Richard.
  7. Shavings man

    Foot ulcer

    Hi guy/ girls anyone suffered with a foot ulcer ? If so ever get it to heal ? Regards .
  8. Shavings man

    Hay making

    Hi all , hope your having a god day ? Wot roughly should we expect to pay to make hay with a 2 acre field? Many thanks ps cutting turning and baling.
  9. Shavings man

    Marshall tyres

    Hi all anyone had Marshall tyres fitted to 4x4 ? If so any good thanks .
  10. Shavings man

    Opinel carbon knife

    Hi all how's everyone sharpen there knifes ? Got a Opinel carbon but can't seem to get a good edge ! Regards r
  11. Shavings man

    Wood shavings

    Wood shavings and sawdust mix available in large clear polythene bags good prices delivered reasonable distance of Derby.
  12. Shavings man

    Wax jacket

    Hi guys looking for a good waterproof cost wots your thoughts on wax these days ? Thanks.

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