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    Spot sprayer pump

    The Delavan pump on my Enduramaxx spot sprayer is leaking heavily where the pressure switch joins the pump housing. Guessing the diaphragm has ruptured. Anyone know if repair kits are available, or do I have to bite the bullet and replace the pump?
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    Row crop duals

    Has anyone experience of using narrow row crop type duals outside normal tractor rear tyres? Looking into changing the tractor and I don't want to go particularly wide on the tyre front. It will spend half it's life on loader/road work, we've got some steep ground so grip is mostly more...
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    Galebreaker roller blinds

    Any experience in exposed locations? We've got several two piece doors, which with modern machinery are now having to open both all the time to feed.
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    Glastir root crop derogation

    Anyone applied for a derogation to the root crop options for Glastir this year in light of the drought? And if so, how much grace will they give you to delay sowing?
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    Researching Dutch barn for conservation officer

    Bit of an unusual one. Someone I know has planning on a listed barn for conversion. Their planning includes permission to take down an adjoining Dutch barn. However, conservation officer visited recently and was very taken with said barn - apparently there's some minor decorative forging in the...
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    STEPS grant (Severn Trent Water)

    I see Severn Trent are reopening their STEPS grants for environmental works. However all the information refers to farms in the Midlands, but doesn't mention the area of Mid Wales they also cover. Anyone know if...
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    Which plough body for grassland?

    Which (currently available) plough body would be best compromise for a workload that is: At least 50% ploughing established grassland. Mostly having to plough shallow Mostly on sloping to steep ground Varying soil types (often within the same field) Fit modern tractor tyres in the furrow.
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    Fitting air trailer braking to a tractor.

    Anyone know how much cost and work is involved to fit air trailer brakes to a JD 6r that currently only has hydraulic?
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    JD Direct Drive

    What's the general view on this transmission? Used a 6150r with it for a couple of days this week. Never encountered it before, most of the Rs around here seem to be AutoQuad.
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    Replacement manure/slurry store

    Our existing muck store has - at least in part - reached the end of it's life. It was built mid '70s at a time of less strict regs and whilst the size is about adequate, the railway sleeper wall along one side isn't. And we'll gloss over where the liquid fraction that escapes between the...
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    There seems to be an absolute population explosion of them around here. I've got a 15 acre field in stubble turnips and this afternoon I lost count at 37 buzzards on the half the lambs have grazed off. What in heck would be attracting so many to a small patch of ground? I can only assume...
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    Toy tractor/implement compatibility

    Got eldest Nephew's birthday coming up and was thinking of getting him a plough to go with the Bruder tractor he got for Christmas. (he's obsessed with mine for some reason) However, Bruder's offering is a Lemken which is obviously a different colour to my V&N (these things matter when you're...
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    Washing liquid/powder allergy

    Just wondering if anyone else has recently had an allergic reaction to their washing liquid? I had a sudden and severe uticaria (nettle sting) rash over the weekend as a result of washing clothes using liquid from a new bottle of Fairy Non Bio Liquid Gel. Never had a reaction to anything...
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    Prior Notification

    Quick few questions. We've got a couple of sheds in mind on the farm. One at the main yard and one half a mile away by my Sister's house. Is there anything stopping us doing both at the same time, or at least within the same calendar year? And if so, is it just each individual building that...
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    Older tractor registration

    I've just had our late Dad's 1970 Ford 3000 restored and would like to make her legal on the public highway. I know the original registration and she has been insured under that every year from new. However she's not been taxed in my lifetime. The impression I get from talking to people is...
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    Naughty RSPCA Only fined a peppercorn amount though.:rolleyes:
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    BT line connection problems

    Youngest Sister is pulling her hair out with BT at the moment. She's just moved into a barn conversion on the farm and is struggling to get a landline connected. The problem seems to be that the majority of properties in the postcode (rural so wide area) are on Newtown area code, whereas her...
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    West tipping trailer - Llanfair Caereinion 5/7/16 If it's the trailer I'm thinking of, it's an older style West monocoque without the pressed indents in the side panels and the front panel has been repaired and repainted a darker shade of blue. No silage sides fitted but has homemade...
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    Glastir stubble turnips

    I've taken the root crop option as part of my Glastir contract. This year they sent a proforma round wanting to know which fields I intended to plant and in which years for the remainder of the contract. Anyone know how binding this is? Can I change fields just by sending a polite letter...
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    Carbon filters for tractor cabs

    I'm a pretty light and irregular sprayer user, but have just been out putting Pastor on some spring reseeding with a heavy dock infestation. I was using a JD 30 series with the cab sealed and the aircon on, but the smell of spray in the cab was very noticeable. As the cab was closed up and the...

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